Color Melting with Amanda Evans

When choosing, a hair color a person must think of several things. Work dress codes, cost, what would look best with the current cut, will the color be left behind in the bathtub, and so on. After a long run of Pinterest fails and staining every surface in my bathroom rainbow colors I decided to give up on the best hair trends. However, fashionistas will never give up on bright colors and funky styles.

Hair and makeup artist extraordinaire Amanda Evans is a Minnesota based hair goddess who tinkers in bright beautiful colors. According to Evans clients are seeking jewel tones to adorn their beautiful locks. Most requested are deep violet and shades of blue to enhance hair hues.

So, what is the trend to try according to the hair goddess herself? It’s called color melting, and it’s just what you think! This trend gives each strand two or more colors melting into each other.  Blending colors and making the hair multi tonal.

“This adds much more interest than just one shade covering all of the hair,” said Evans. “Go for multi tonal!”

The folks in Minnesota aren’t the only ones loving the multi-color vibrant trends of color melting. Browsing online can create all sorts of hair inspiration and envy. However, after hair is colored how does one keep tones Instagram ready at all times? Or, maybe just extend the life?

Here are four tips from Evans to keep your hair looking good!

  • Keep it dirty friends! Just like our friend Christina Aguilera circa 2002. Well, not just like her. But, avoid washing your hair as much as possible. Make dry shampoo your best friend.
  • Stay cool. When you wash away your early 2000s pop songs, or colorful hair use cooler water. Warmth opens the cuticle of the hair strand. When you open the cuticle the color can be washed out.
  • Don’t be cheap! That shampoo at the grocery store might be the right price, however it will reduce the health and color of your locks. If you are shelling out the cash for hair color, also do so for professional salon quality products.
  • Drop the sulfate. You’ll find getting clean can happen even without the bubbles and irritation they cause.

Go out and be bold with bright jewel color melted hues. Don’t forget to take care of those luscious locks by dropping the sulfate, staying cool, and keeping it dirty.

Evelyn May

Evelyn Louise May is highly intrigued by the history of fashion. She is currently researching and writing a non-fiction book. When Evelyn isn't writing, or playing with makeup she is teaching yoga. She loves mixing health, fashion, and history into her writing. You can find her most days shopping in Minneapolis, MN or out enjoying the city.

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