5 Ways To Shop On A Budget

Spring-cleaning is almost done, and you notice your closet is a little bare. You are in desperate need of buying a new swimsuit or sundress for your summer vacation; however, you do not want to make a dent in your wallet.  These five tips will make you flawless without spending all your money.

  1. Ebates

Spend hours shopping online? Ebates is a great site for you. With Ebates, you get a percentage of money back from your bill. They have over 2,000 stores to get a rebate from. From clothes, electronics, air flights, and even textbooks, you can get so much money back. With the money you accumulate, you can ask for a check or have it paypaled to you. With that extra cash on the side, you can buy some awesome new outfits. Tip: There is also an app, so you can carry it wherever you are at!

  1. Honey

Online shopping is such a wonderful thing. You can stay at home in your pajamas while drinking a cup of tea as you add items to your cart. Nowadays, you can literally buy anything from the Internet. The question at hand is how much money are you saving or can you buy it cheaper from a different place? If you have Google Chrome, Honey, a downloadable app, automatically searches for online coupons and applies them to your cart. You can save over $20 on each purchase with this app. Tip: If you are a college student and have to buy textbooks, this app will save you tons of money!


  1. Thrift Shopping or Second Hand Stores

Most of the time, we only hear about the horrors of thrift shopping- stained clothes, ripped clothes, old clothes, etc. We ask ourselves if we really want somebodies used and forgotten clothes. Well, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You can find some nice clothes for an awesome deal. Just by digging around, you can find name brand items for $5 or less. And, do not fret. Most of the clothes that they display are not as dilapidated as you think. Volunteers and workers at thrift stores spend a fair amount of time choosing the right pieces to go out and tossing the ones that stained or ruined. Tips: Look at their sale days. Many thrift shops have different sales on each day. And, if you are a student, you have a higher chance getting a student discount!

  1. RetailMeNot

Who doesn’t like saving money? Coupons can literally save your wallet once you get to the checkout. RetailMeNot is an online site that collects coupons for many different types of stores- clothing, food, games, shoes, and even more. They include more secretive coupons that stores don’t usually advertise. And, they have coupons for online and in-store. Tip: some stores do no accept coupons from your phone, so print out the coupon before you go to the store!

  1. thredUP

Want to sell your old clothes, as well as, shop for new ones? ThredUp is the perfect site for you. You can buy gently used or new name brand clothes for under half the original price. They have women’s, plus size, kids, juniors, accessories, handbags, shoes, and even more for you to have your pick from! One of the best things about thredUp is that they have free shipping on everything! No more factoring in your shipping and handling cost because they cover it all for you. So you can add way more to your cart! An awesome tip to know about thredUP is that they will send you shipping labels and the bag to put your clothes in. Less work for you!


Shopping is a great way to relax, but no one likes spending too much money. With these tips, you will get some great finds for a quarter of the price!

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