Bring the Tulle Midi Skirt to the Front

It’s not about the piece, it’s how you wear it. The tulle midi skirt works with your favorite plaid shirt, or those fishnets you’ve been dying to wear!

We all remember Sex and The City’s Carrie Bradshaw and her tulle ensembles. From the tulle mini skirt she wore in the opening credits to her gorgeous seafoam midi tulle skirt in Sex and the City 2, the tulle midi skirt goes beyond the Chanel suit, symbolizing a bolder sense of femininity.

Madonna was another fashion pioneer who dolled up her tulle skirts with lace bodices, thick eyebrows, and fishnet hand gloves. The style is Victorian meets the original pop-punk look.

The truth is- tulle shouldn’t be reserved for the dress-up box or your wedding veil. In fact, the versatility of tulle is endless. The fabric is playfully sheer and looks brilliant in neon colors or rich nudes.

A fluffed out tulle skirt adds just the right amount of silhouette without looking overdressed or gaudy.

You can go from street punk to glamour just by switching out your top and changing your shoes. We’d argue that tulle is the perfect day to night fabric.

Designers like Mary Goddard incorporate lace’s quirky cousin into many of her shows, it is a staple in her collection.

It’s simply minimalistic- you can throw on a band shirt and a tulle skirt with some sneakers without worrying about fashion don’ts.

 The Office

Opt for a navy blue skirt. Black is a little too risque for some people in the office. Navy is mature and classic. The gingham blouse adds a professional flavor to the look, but it’s still fun. Add a statement piece necklace and kitten heel pumps. Have a little fun with the colors and overall construction of your top!

Miss Selfridge Gingham Top, Dorothy Perkins Navy Tulle Midi Skirt, Prada Suede Kitten Heels, Michael Kors Satchel , and Vestry Statement Necklace

Extra style tip: If you don’t like kitten heels, wear your favorite pair of flats or loafers.

  Double Trouble! Leather and Tulle.

A cropped, twisted hem top with a beautiful grid midi tulle skirt is comfy and sexy. Wear sneakers and a leather jacket for refined streetstyle. Tulle skirts with designs are definitely a must-have!


Topshop Choker Short Sleeve Twist Crop Top, Vans, Acne Mock  Leather Biker JacketSteampunk  Sunglasses, Boutique Amala Grid Tulle Full Midi Skirt

Extra style tip: Wear a leather vest with punky buttons.

 Country Girl Chic

 Sugar, spice, and everything nice makes this ensemble super feminine and channels Dolly Parton with the white off-the-shoulder top. A light blue tiered tulle midi skirt for preppy southern girl flair and pearls for elegant vibes.

Rebecca Taylor Off-The-Shoulder Poplin Top, Asos Tulle Midi Prom Skirt with Tiers and Tie Waist, Miu Miu Ballerina Shoes, Fresh Water Pearl Stud Earrings, Graduated Fresh Water Pearl Necklace, NYX Butter Gloss Angel Food Cake

Extra style tip: Instead of a poplin top, add a baby blue colored plaid or chambray top.

Bohemian Spice

The suede crop top adds a refreshingly 70s twist to this Boho chic look. A long olive striped midi skirt with one layer of tulle garnished with flowers.

Alice + Olivia ‘Gracelyn’ Beige Cropped Top, Dries Van Noten Embellished Skirt, Jennifer Lopez Women’s Espadrille Wedge Sandal, Skagen Ebba Nylon and Leather Backpack, Black and White Lokai Bracelet Set, Axiology Lipstick

Extra style tip: Experiment with texture. If you take out the suede and replace it with plaid and put on your favorite Dr. Martens, you have a grungey look.


Just like Dr. Martens, Converse go with anything. A crop top with high top converse creates a stunning look. Channel Courtney Love’s Live Through This years with a cute faux fur leopard jacket.

Eva Mesh Top Halterneck Crop Top, Asos Tulle Midi Prom Skirt with Tiers and Tie Waist, Leopard Button Up Faux Coat, Converse Women’s Chuck Taylor Hi Top Leather Sneakers

Extra style tip: Add fishnets!

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