Dressing For Work: We Mean Business

One of the most common daily struggles of the average woman is figuring out what to wear to work. Picking out an outfit comes easier to some. With different work dress regulations and restrictions, many women take a front seat on the struggle bus every morning finding something apropos for work. This problem leaves women exasperated and ready to throw anything on just so they can get out the door on time. Not all of us have time to stand in front of our closet for an hour each morning. As a result, we just grab our go to pants or skirt and whatever top catches our eye first without really thinking about it much.

One of the most important attributes a woman needs to have in the workplace is confidence. If we do not have confidence in ourselves, we’re much less likely to perform well at work, take initiative, and gain respect from our coworkers and superiors. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that a well dressed woman exhibits so much more confidence and drive than a woman who doesn’t feel comfortable in what she wears or doesn’t look in the mirror and like what they see. No matter your body type, there is a business casual outfit that can flatter your figure and give you the confidence you need to take on the day.

If you’ve got wide hips and shoulders, but a small waist, your body type is often likened to a pear. When dressing for work, take advantage of your curves with a form fitting pencil skirt, make sure it falls somewhere between a little bit above the knee to right under the kneecap. This will not only show off your amazing curves, but help to elongate the legs and blend those wide hips into the rest of your body. If you have wide shoulders to work with as well, pick a top that displays some of the chest area without being too revealing (this is for work, after all). Pick a blouse with a pattern or color that will bring out your eyes and can be paired with a fun colored lipstick.


If your body is more on the oval side, meaning small shoulders and maybe not as curvy in the right places as you’d like, you want to draw the attention away from your midsection and make your bust area the focus. Find a top with a wide neckline that cuts higher up and closer to your neck, and pair it with a high waisted pair of chinos or an a-line skirt. Another great top option to wear an off the shoulder top, which are so in right now. A high waisted pant and wide neckline will visibly shrink your waist. An A-line skirt will also keep your waist small and disguise any part of your midsection you may want to hide.


If you’ve got no curves to begin with, here’s how to pick clothes that will have you looking like Beyonce in no time. First order of business, get yourself a versatile belt that can be worn around the waist. Dresses often come with a built in belt where the illusion of a smaller waist and wider hips can be created. Keep it simple on top, but find something with a wider neckline or a top with three quarter length sleeves.


Short girls want to be tall and tall girls want to be short. I am a tall girl forever wishing that it wasn’t so rare to find people taller than me. I am thankful for my long legs, (they get me places faster) but women with short legs in an outfit that doesn’t help to elongate the legs can be left wishing they didn’t look like a tree stump. To elongate the legs, heels are going to be your best friend. However, if you’re not one for heels, boots work great, and can be paired with a shorter skirt or dress, or if your work allows it, a dark wash denim jean.


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