The New Industry Standard According to Everlane

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The New Industry Standard According to Everlane
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The New Industry Standard According to Everlane
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The New Industry Standard According to Everlane
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When it comes to our clothes, among the last things we’d want them to be is utterly and unapologetically transparent. That is, until we discovered San Francisco based clothier Everlane.

It’s no secret that designer garments carry a hefty mark-up resulting in staggering profit for sellers on top of what are otherwise marginal production costs. Everlane not only brings this fact right out into the open, they’ve set out to change this unpleasant reality of the industry by committing to removing unnecessary markups from their own products in an effort to offer quality goods with modest prices that tell consumers precisely where every penny goes—No really. Peruse Everlane’s handsome website for yourself and discover a 100% cotton t-shirt that would ordinarily cost $50 or maybe even $100 instead holds a modest price of around $20. What’s more Everlane reveals the whole story of production, from where the factories are located to going as far as photographing and documenting the factories at work so consumers can be sure of the ethical production standards that take place every step of the way.

I know what you’re thinking: sounds great but are these clothes I’ll actually want to wear? The increasingly expanding product line at Everlane is inspired by a simplistic, capsule wardrobe and trust me when I say you could easily burn your existing closet, choose twenty or thirty pieces from Everlane to refill it with and never look back. From exceptional basic tees and pullover sweatshirts, to luxurious and elegant cashmere investment pieces, Everlane’s product for both men and women boasts a nod to casual athleisure with an uncomplicated take on developing a timeless and versatile aesthetic. Don’t take my word for it, try one of their cotton shirtdresses and discover how utterly painless and stylish summer dressing can be.

Among this refreshingly straightforward product line there also exists a collection bearing the graphic “100% Human.” A charming and factual statement to be sure—but this graphic more importantly stands for Everlane’s collaboration with the ACLU and Equality Now, an organization fighting to promote equality in the workplace. $5 of the proceeds from garments bearing this graphic go toward supporting arguably the worthiest of causes: basic human rights.

Those of us who consider ourselves not only 100% human, but 100% conscious, savvy and impeccably stylish would be wise to delve into Everlane’s exceptional array of goods and prove to the fashion industry there’s a better way of doing things.

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