Mindfulness Fused Jewelry

Are you ever stuck in a situation where you are left sad, panicked, or depressed? Hello finals, writing deadlines, and family drama! As a someone who has struggled with years of debilitating depression and anxiety I have these moments in waves. They usually wash up when big life changes happen and no matter how supported I am, the panic attack strikes.

I turn to fashion fused with mindfulness to help ease the racing mind. Yogis and yoginis have been on to something for a long time using essential oils to help calm the mind. Back in 2004 I was introduced to the concept of using essential oils in jewelry through Minneapolis company Intelligent Nutrients. I was a student at the Aveda Institute just down the street.

Beautiful crystal bottles on silver chains hung from displays. Rows and rows of oils were on lined up nearby. A mesmerizing array of colors and shapes drew the eyes to the beautiful jewelry. At the time I didn’t know the power essential oils could hold on mental health. I just knew what I wanted for Christmas was a green essential oil necklace. My boyfriend at the time was sweet enough to gift essential oil jewelry my way that year.

Here is a crystal bottle like mine from Intelligent Nutrients. I’ve also seen similar bottles sold at Aveda salons throughout the twin cities and Etsy. All sorts of Aroma jewelry is available online and in stores.

Here is a cute locket also found on Etsy by seller CalmBodyandHome. The locket has a cotton pad that you put oils on, the front of the locket is open so you can smell the beautiful aroma. Lots of styles are out there it takes a little bit of shopping around to see a verity.

The concept of using essential oil isn’t just to replace perfume that is full of toxic chemicals. It is to help ignite focus and calm. Just close your eyes and take a big whiff while you are at work. This helps you take a deep breath and calms down the nervous system. Using your favorite scent can help you come back to center during stressful parts of the day.

Recently I have fallen back in love with the concept of using essential oils due to an increasingly popular trend of lava bead bracelets. I see them everywhere I go on people of all ages in the twin cities. A beautiful faux suede bracelet adorned by lava beads arrived at my door in a BuddhiBox box not too long ago. I’m noticing I’m not the only person in love with this kind of bracelets I see my yoga students sniffing them in meditation, co-workers in the newspaper office are often taking whiffs, and even the librarian had one on this morning. Both men and women are using these mindful items to create calm throughout the day.

Like this one sold on Etsy.com by MysticGemz.

The best part is bracelets like this are easy to make for your own personal flare. All it takes is a trip to your local bead store to pick out your favorite colors. By creating your own mindfulness bracelet, you can customize not only the oils you use, but beads to match your favorite outfit.

“Happy girls are the prettiest,” Said Audrey Hepburn. She is right, get back to happy with a little bit of mindful fashion. Remember this trend can help both women and men. Find everyday Zen with your favorite essential oil and cute jewelry.

Evelyn May

Evelyn Louise May is highly intrigued by the history of fashion. She is currently researching and writing a non-fiction book. When Evelyn isn't writing, or playing with makeup she is teaching yoga. She loves mixing health, fashion, and history into her writing. You can find her most days shopping in Minneapolis, MN or out enjoying the city.

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