Rose Gold: Classic or Trend?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave the past few months, rose gold is a legit craze.  While I’d love to imagine I was staying ahead of the curve, steering clear of passing fads, rose gold has been the topic of (frequent) between my friends and I.  Apparently, the influx of rose gold has left its mark on nearly…everything!  Question is, has it reached its peak?  Both high end and established brands can’t be wrong.  While there are too many to name brands such as YSL, Acne, Lanvin….from Anthropologie to Valentino, have all had elements of rose gold metallic, light up their runways and ad campaigns.

Like many things that have come before, trends come and go.  The trend cycle is unpredictable – here one day, gone the next.  Despite this realization,  here I encourage you to go all in, there’s something for everyone!

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Gaetane Joseph

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