Spring Trends in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is known for a hipster fashion that combines the working girl class of Mary Tylor Moore, and the funk fusion of Prince.

In my neighborhood of South Minneapolis trends emerge from high-end shops and the local thrift stores. High wasted shorts, worn with crop tops appeared at local art shows, beer tastings, and coffee shops in mass last year. This year the three top trends according to local fashion consultants and shoppers are.

Torn up jean shorts are appearing in stores. As I browsed through Forever 21 at the Mall of America in Bloomington Minn. the stacks of jean shorts ranged in price from $21-$35 most of them looked pre-worn and have trended, yet odd holes in them. The memory of 2003 came back to me of worn out jeans, my mother’s voice saying, “Don’t buy those, you’ll put enough holes in your clothing” came to mind. The echoes of her voice could be reflected in other shopper’s thoughts.

“Twenty-one dollars for a pair of jean shorts?” said Melissa a college student, “I’ll just go in my mom’s closet and cut up one of her old pairs.”

However, celebrities are doing it and you can get the look for less /2017/03/28/how-to-sport-denim-this-spring-like-a-celeb/. As I browsed through the selection of shorts I pondered my recent finds at Goodwill. Jeans are a few bucks a piece, and cutting them up is easy. Minneapolis women are known for clothing swaps, do it yourself fashion, and bargain shopping. Melissa was right, you can get the same look for almost nothing. Sally McGraw wrote a great article in Minnesota’s Star Tribune about finding comfortable shorts for almost nothing, it’s worth a read. http://www.startribune.com/how-to-buy-shorts-that-look-and-feel-great-really/380838501/

Flowing none form fitting pants, dresses, tops- “It’s all about getting smooth lines for body types to look good.” Said Jen, an associate at Forever 21 in Mall of America. Designers are now looking at more draping options that create a slenderizing effect on the body. Instead of crop tops and skin tight clothing a more relaxed trend is here.

A great example from Express is the Mid Rise Jersey Sash Pant that is pictured. The pants create slender lines down the leg, and the shash adorns the front to for added polish. What this style also does is create a slimming look that can be worn in all sizes.

Peasant tops that hark back to my mother’s closet are now back now in all sorts of fabrics and colors. From faux satin to starch cotton.  The only difference in the trend is often shoulders are exposed to show off some skin. It seemed like every retailer I walked into featured a prominent selection of flowing tops.

Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater photo of May Day Celebration.

The boho themed chic is taking hold of national fashion, and it’s always been here in Minneapolis. In my neighborhood of Powederhorn Park in south Minneapolis local events like the May Day Parade really show cases the hippy vibe of Minneapolis. The event draws in 50,000 people to enjoy a yearly celebration of the sun finally coming out. Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater preform in both a parade and elaborate ceremony. However, on a national level something cool in fashion is happening because of the Choachella festival.

Choachella fashion will be seen much more in the Twin Cities as weather warm up. Picking flowing fabrics and hippy chick items can already be seen at local festivals in Minneapolis. And the rest of the nation is picking up on Choachella fashion too /2017/04/17/the-2017-festival-fashion-guide/

No matter what fashion trends we see in stores, your summer fashion is truly up to you. For more of a taste of Twin Cities fashion and upcoming Fashion Week visit http://fashionweekmn.com/ .

Image of Forever 21 Draped Open-Shoulder Top, peasant style of flowing fabric.
Evelyn May

Evelyn Louise May is highly intrigued by the history of fashion. She is currently researching and writing a non-fiction book. When Evelyn isn't writing, or playing with makeup she is teaching yoga. She loves mixing health, fashion, and history into her writing. You can find her most days shopping in Minneapolis, MN or out enjoying the city.

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