No Kim K and Cosmo, Sickness is Not a “Diet”

While society has made some strides in recent years in terms of self-love and body acceptance, a couple of recent events prove we still have a long way to go.

After Kim Kardashian was seen gallivanting around the streets of L.A. on Tuesday with a head-turning outfit (and body), she posted the following Tweet:


It took some serious social media backlash before the reality star and fashion icon deleted the tweet. Kim K’s misstep comes on the heels of a major faux-pas by Cosmopolitan Magazine, who published a click-bait article titled “How this Woman Lost 44 Pounds Without Any Exercise.”  It turns out the woman’s “secret” was that she was suffering from cancer and had numerous complications and surgeries associated with her diagnosis. She gained weight as a result of being depressed and couldn’t exercise due to her health complications, so she focused on nutrition and meal prepping to lose the weight. Twitter users wreaked havoc in the magazine’s mentions and Cosmo took the article down.


While the article did not directly say that cancer was the cause of her weight loss, Cosmo’s mistake was taking a woman’s inspirational battle with cancer and focusing on what the magazine thought was her most important victory after being severely ill: weight loss.

It’s heartbreaking that losing weight (often by any means) is still something women and young girls strive for and it will not stop while people and brands in the public eye are continuously perpetuating that stigma. Do better, society.

Aysha Chaudhry

Aysha Chaudhry is a freelance style and travel writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a master of sass and often takes herself entirely too serious. Her only hobbies are sleeping, eating and exploring new places. Follow her on Instagram @aysha_vc.

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