Lace Material and Floral Prints – A Chat with Mahi Chaurasia

India born but joining us from the states is the wonderful Mahi Chaurasia.  Mahi does an awesome job managing her site and Instagram.  She’s regularly showing off her style and giving away awesome stuff!  Make sure to check her out and follow her!

When did you launch The Style Ride and what made you decide to get into fashion blogging?

I was always passionate about fashion by heart and dreamed of working in the fashion industry. Dressing-up well and talking about fashion was just a hobby but now I live, breathe and dream about fashion. I love clicking pictures and posting those on my social media, so my husband encouraged me to start blogging. Actually he created TheStyleRide blog and gave me as a gift on my first marriage anniversary. So that’s how it started on 26th Jan 2016.

What inspires your style?

Honestly, I think I find most of my inspiration from my sister. She definitely has the best style of anyone I’ve ever known. She gave me a head start for my blog by mixing up Indian and western fashion. So I always try to make every outfit look unique by mixing up few unique things. I believe that if you want to stand out then you need to put extra 10% effort to every work.

How do you stay current with what’s new or in style at the moment?

I usually keep up with the upcoming trends via magazines or fashion events. I also follow some big fashion bloggers and designers. For me Google is the best medium because I love reading about fashion articles online. I also keep track of new launch of clothing from my favorite brands.

What are some of the latest fashion trends you love?

I would say embroidered clothing, lace material clothing and floral prints. Also Cold Shoulder and Ruffle are the most following trends by me. Chokers are also great addition in my accessory collection.

What are some the latest fashion trends you can NOT stand?

I don’t think there is any latest fashion trend I cannot stand. But there are some trends I don’t follow much, like sequin retro style or any clothing with large check fabric.

Who is your favorite brand/designer?  Do you own any of their designs?

That’s a tough one, I’ve got so many favorites! I can’t name all of them. Forever 21, urban outfitter, zara, nordstrom those are some of my favorite stores. There are some online stores also which are my favorites like Dezzal, Rosegal, Gamiss, Amiclub etc. I don’t have any favorite designer but I like custom fit outfits. I have tried customized jeans from mottandbow and customized outfits from eshakti, karina and amita naithani.


What outfit have you worn that most represents your fashion style?

Most of the times I follow Indo western style. So I usually pick any western outfit and dress up with lots of accessories and boots which give me Boho vibes. I also love mixing different styles so my closet really has such a wide range of outfits. For me an outfit should be head turner and interesting and I enjoy that feeling whenever I go out.

What’s your favorite fashion era from the 21st century?

I tend to choose clothes that are more fitted or tailored, however, so far this spring I love all things fringed and ruffles!

What daily tools and platforms do you use in your blogging routine, for research, promotion, sharing and other?

I got my own website to share all fashion related stuff and I am using WordPress platform for that. I blog about my personal style as well as what interests me in the fashion industry. I usually post three-four times a week on my blog and multiple times a day on social media. I use social networks for my website promotions and share every post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For research I use google only to find the facts and deep knowledge about that. I read articles too and I always try to present something that my readers can relate to me and learn something.

Where do you hope fashion blogging will take you in the future?

After starting my blog I got amazing changes, not only in my personal life but also in my lifestyle. I would love to see the blog and my YouTube channel just grow more and more over the years. I work so hard on making my content fresher and more exciting to watch every single day, so I would hope that I can maintain that going forward and create even better content for my subscribers and readers. I would love to work more closely with fashion and beauty brands in more ambassadorial roles.

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