The 2017 Festival Fashion Guide

With Coachella right around the corner, the fashion community waits in anticipation as festival season makes its debut. We have seen trends emerge from this music event experience and set the tone for summer and fall seasons – this year should be no different.

While you you may be waiting for your favorite celeb to post that first Instagram pic before deciding what’s truly the hottest in festival fashion, we decided to provide you with a little inspiration to keep you ahead of the curve. Here is a head-to-toe guide that will help you #slay at Coachella, Lollapalooza, OutsideLands, and every other music festival that will make this year wild, free, and unforgettable.

Head Gear

Ahh, the statement hat. There is really nothing more boho chic than the wide-brim fedora or an eclectic head scarf. Whether your style is minimalistic or loud, there’s an outfit topper out there that will take your fit from good to Instagram worthy.


For those who follow festival-going celebs like Vanessa Hudgens, Kylie Jenner, and Katy Perry, you know that what truly makes an amazing outfit stand out are the accessories. Beaded bodices, endless bracelets, sequinned eyelids, and even a killer manicure are necessary for that wow factor.

Tops and Bottoms

The art of matching a top and bottom is challenging, but rewarding when you nail it. From monochrome to wild pattern mixing, different textures to cuts and silhouettes, there is much fun to be had! When it comes to festival wear, most items of clothing draw inspiration from boho style, influenced by the 70s flower child. Ditch the mall and hit up your local thrift store for a truly unique and iconic garment.

The All-in-One Outfit

You know what I love about the perfect dress, jump suit, or romper? The complicated mixing and matching is taken out of the equation. You find one good article of clothing with the right fabric, the right patterns, and the right fit and BAM: effortless perfection. For those of you who love fashion but hate the logistics, this is the category for you.


Here is the last component that can make or break your look. What is most important about pairing the perfect shoes with the perfect outfit is balance: if your outfit draws all the attention on its own, try a more subtle shoe. Same thing in reverse – a more minimal outfit can be worn oh-so-wonderfully with a pair that speaks louder than words

Featured fashion and photos by: Bohemian Bunnie, High-End Hippie, Peace Love Shea, Stardust Bohemian, Audrie Storme, Ibiza Boho Girl, Boho Chic Cafe, and A Hippie’s Daughter.

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