How to Match Clothes – Lots of Useful Tips

A doubt that sooner or later bothers all: how to combine clothes with success? It seems like a question that can be answered without too much difficulty, but in reality, hides pitfalls. Match the clothes without making mistakes is in fact much more difficult than you think. Here are the tips for matching clothes and colors in your clothing.

As you may be able to match clothes without committing blunders. It seems easy but in reality, the art of dressing is not so simple, indeed! There are some golden rules which are always good to remember. Here are the ones that you should never forget.



How to combine clothes and colors

Know how to combine clothes and colors is the first basic rule. We must always try to avoid coupling two shades which are similar with different colors. The first thing to do is to learn how to match the black, solid evergreen that actually goes well with everything and can easily help you to create matching fashion with the clothes and accessories. One season after the other, we have lots of images of black clothes fashionable in the catalogs of the major brands matched to shoes and bags, colorful, dark colors such as black, brown and burgundy blend very well with the light colors like white and beige, other shades of dark. The colors pastel are very good together, so in the combinations of the clothes for the girl associated with pink and turquoise, coral and pale yellow to look more lively. In the shots you find on the internet, the girls dressed well or very well are for the most bloggers to the profession, or the models, get inspired by the photos of their trendy clothes to create matches very chic.



How to match clothes and shoes

Matching the clothes and shoes are easier than you might think. We have already seen how to match the shoes to the jeans, clothes that are good both with the models with the heel in dark colors with the sneakers colorful. Shoe pastel is very well with the printed pieces, while the white ones stand out under clothes and coordinate black or blue. The red shoes are perfect with a black dress or with a suit more elegant. You know that the shoe trend of the moment, the flats and slip-on, they are very good with pants, mom jeans, and cigarette pants.



How to combine the intimate

How to match the underwear? If you do not want to make mistakes, it is better to try to match the shirt or the dress with the complete underwear that you wear under. If you are wearing a black top, better than a bra of the same color and the same rule applies mainly to the colors, “unusual”, such as green, blue or yellow. For the transparent clothing, opt for the intimate, flesh-colored.




How to match accessories to clothes

Another basic rule with accessories: according to the fashionistas the most radical, should never go out without handbags, shoes, and belt matched. A business often impossible, because it would mean that for every pair of shoes we buy, we should seek the waistband and the bag of the same texture, or of the same print. For these match accessories and colors, the general rule is to focus on tones that are similar but not the same, more simple but also more economic. Then put on accessories in colors slightly different, for example, brown and beige, black and gray, it will be the best way to not be wrong, or bet on the contrasts of the net for outfits more daring.



How to match jewelry

Also for jewelry, you have to pay a lot of attention to the combinations. A good rule is always to not overdo it. Pay attention to the fabric of the clothes, as the wool that easily can remain attached to the jewelry. If you are curvy, avoid jewelry that is too large that encumbers the silhouette. Ban necklaces that are too big and close to the neck, that make the squat figure.


The best app that helps you to match the clothes

There is a website that will help match your clothes to the best, a perfect way to create combinations of the trend with clothes and coordinated. The ideal place where to find pictures of fashionable clothes inspired by the latest trends. Try CalibreApparel clothing collection, it gives you lots of interesting advice, try it to believe it.

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