A Loose V-Neck Tee – A Chat with Roxanne West

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A Loose V-Neck Tee – A Chat with Roxanne West

A Loose V-Neck Tee – A Chat with Roxanne West

A Loose V-Neck Tee – A Chat with Roxanne West

A Loose V-Neck Tee – A Chat with Roxanne West

French-Canadian blogger and fashionista Roxanne West joined us to answer a few questions.  Roxanne brings amazing inspiration and awesome creativity to her style.  Check out her Q&A and then be sure to check out her site and Instagram!

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is very mixed! I love being casual in my favourite jeans and a loose white V-neck tee paired with my favourite sneakers but I also LOVE to get dressed up in pretty skirts & dresses. I love boho beauty outfits as well, here in Canada though I can only enjoy wearing them for 3 months Max!!

When did you launch Bonjour Bliss and what made you decide to do it?

Well I have been blogging for 9 years now, the venture began when travelling New Zealand on my own for 3 years at 19- a way to share my adventure with my family & close friends. When coming back to Canada and starting a family I got back into things but they changed of course, my blog was about feeding my kids healthy meals and cooking, sharing the odd style and beauty items and adventures – then I re branded AGAIN to Bonjour Bliss, I think 4 years ago? I wanted a fresh new brand, something that pulled from my French Canadian background and represented the way I felt about motherhood and life in a positive light – pure bliss!

How do you stay current with what’s new or in style at the moment?

I read a ton of blogs, I am inspired by many of my peers in the industry but also from magazines and movies! I am always looking at styles I see and thinking of how I can make it more my own – since I am a mother of 2 busy toddlers, I usually need to customize the look to be more, well – functional!

Who is your favorite brand/designer?  

I am actually in love with everything Vera Wang creates, I swoon over every gown. I do not have really any particular designers I consistently buy, I shop across the board. For me, it’s all about if I love it not the brand.

What’s most important to you in choosing an outfit for the day?

Comfort hands down!!! I am always on the go and busy, always cooking or running errands or chasing after the little ones – my fashion pieces must be functional and comfortable while still being cute!

If you had to start your wardrobe from scratch, what 5 things would you go and buy straight away?

High-waisted jeans – I live in them!!!

A loose and light v neck tee, sexy yet casual! In black & white – always!

White sneakers

Cashmere sweater

Wool trench coat

What are your 5 essential travel items?

Essential oils, a MUST for me since I almost always get stuffy and exhausted

Vichy thermal water spray, planes dry out my skin


Laptop so that I can get work done on a long flight

A good read, the latest home decor or fashion magazines or a good book!

What’s a place you wish to visit?

I want to cook in Italy, we still are yet to visit Italy or Spain!

What is the best advice you have ever received and the best advice you have to give?

To not compare yourself to industry peers, we are all unique and you need to remember that there is no other YOU – how amazing is that!?! Lastly, I love to remind people in our industry that there is more than enough internet for all of us – we all get so much farther helping one another and encouraging each other. More love, less hate~

What is the one thing people would be surprised to hear about you?

I always surprise people when they find out how much I love 80’s hip hop – I am this tiny blonde girl singing out every word to Juicy by Notorious and put people in shock ha-ha I LOVE a good 80’s hip hop song amongst such a random list of music favourites from the Beatles to Bob Marley!!!!

My biggest weakness is cheese yet I am lactose intolerant – I literally can’t say no to cheese!!!!!!

I sing, I used to sing in shows and LOVE singing – but I never did pursue a career in it lol.

What is advice you’d give another mother in the industry?

It will be hard, chaotic and unorganized but if you can deal with that and stay focused on your goals – it will happen! A lot of people do not see the exhausted person I really am, I stay up late after the kids go to bed to edit and work – stay up late writing emails, planning – blogging is a lot of work especially doing it from home with two kids – BUT you can do anything you want!!! Being a stay at home mom or a mom in general does not mean you have to give up fashion or your passions or having a career…anything is possible!


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