Quality over Quantity – A Chat with Sarah Zerbe

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Quality over Quantity – A Chat with Sarah Zerbe

Quality over Quantity – A Chat with Sarah Zerbe

Quality over Quantity – A Chat with Sarah Zerbe

Quality over Quantity – A Chat with Sarah Zerbe

Joining us today is the amazing Sarah Zerbe.  Sarah loves fashion so much she studied it in college.  She uses here keen sense and learnings to help her readers find her own style.  Take a read below and check out her site and Instagram!  They’re well worth the read.

When did your interest in fashion and beauty begin?

Oh gosh before I can remember. My mom tells me about how I used to pick out my own clothes and dress myself when I was 2 or 3.

When you launched Stylish Sassy & Classy, what was it like to take that leap and start your own blog?

It was scary, most people didn’t really know what a blog was, a lot of people still don’t know what a blog is haha. But I have always been one to put myself out there, so it felt natural to me.

How have you developed your style over time?

I have always had a very classic style, but over the years I have matured and really gown into the love of investment staples.

What inspires your style?

I would say color is a huge influence for me, I love seeing new and fun colors our in the fashion world. Also I can’t deny that I also get inspiration from other fellow bloggers.

If you had to start your wardrobe from scratch, what 5 things would you go and buy straight away?

1. Skinny jeans 2. A basic white tee 3. Chanel flats 4. A sassy dress 5. A denim jacket

Who is your fashion icon?

Kate Middleton and Reese Witherspoon

What are some of the latest fashion trends you love?

I love bell sleeves they are so feminine.

What are some the latest fashion trends you can NOT stand?

Denim on denim, not my thing.

If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be?

Quality over quantity.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 10 years?

I hope to continue to grow my career in the fashion industry and also hope to see my blog grow and flourish.

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