Tops with Exaggerated Sleeves – A Chat with Meghan Donovan

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Tops with Exaggerated Sleeves – A Chat with Meghan Donovan

Tops with Exaggerated Sleeves – A Chat with Meghan Donovan

Tops with Exaggerated Sleeves – A Chat with Meghan Donovan

Tops with Exaggerated Sleeves – A Chat with Meghan Donovan

Beautiful Manhattanite and  fashionista Meghan Donovan joined us to answer a few questions.  Meghan is originally from Chicago but has landed in NYC via London and created her site and Insta as an amazing way to show her awesome sense of beauty.  Be sure to read below and them check her out!

When did your interest in fashion and beauty begin?

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve taken in an interest in this world. If you ask my mom, I’ve been dressing myself since kindergarten and as soon as I got my driver’s license I would drive to Ulta or Walgreens and spend so long in the aisles studying various products and picking out new things to take home and try.

When you launched Wit & Whimsy, what was it like to take that leap and start your own blog?

I started wit & whimsy when I was still in college in 2006 before blogging was an industry. It started more as a journal of my favorite things that I wanted to share with others. Never did I believe it would be a part of my career over ten years later!

How have you developed your style over time?

I’m very influenced by my surroundings so when I lived in California I lived in more pattern and bright colors. In New York my style has become much more minimalistic and reliant on neutrals yet still retains a feminine feel. One thing for sure though is I’ve always been in love with shoes!

What inspires your style?

I’m very inspired by how French women dress. It’s simple yet intriguing and always classic.

If you had to start your wardrobe from scratch, what 5 things would you go and buy straight away?

I love this question! I’d get a pair of skinny jeans, black pumps, a cashmere sweater, a V-neck t-shirt and a pair of loafers.

Who is your fashion icon?

Audrey Hepburn.

What are some of the latest fashion trends you love?

I can’t stop buying tops with exaggerated sleeves and I am still 100% on board with off the shoulder tops and dresses.

What are some the latest fashion trends you can NOT stand?

I’m not a huge fan of some of the 90s trends that are coming back like scrunchies, jelly sandals and platform shoes.

If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be?

Dress for your body type, not based on trends.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 10 years?

I see myself continuing to live in New York operating wit & whimsy and consulting for brands. In the next ten years I hope to write a book and I would love to spend a small stint of time living overseas ideally in Paris.

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