Sneakers with Everything – A Chat with Morgan Flinchum

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Sneakers with Everything – A Chat with Morgan Flinchum

Sneakers with Everything – A Chat with Morgan Flinchum

Sneakers with Everything – A Chat with Morgan Flinchum

Sneakers with Everything – A Chat with Morgan Flinchum

Fashion aficionado and style advocate Morgan Flinchum took some time with us this week to answer a few questions about where she started, where she’s going and how she finds these awesome styles!  Take a few minutes to check out her site and Instagram right after reading through!

When did your interest in fashion and beauty begin?

From very young age!  My mom has always into fashion, which is where I definitely get my love for it.  We both had such strong opinions on what my daily #ootd would be when I was little, that we took turns picking out my outfit each day.  I believe this is when my passion for styling began.

When you launched How 2 Wear It, what was it like to take that leap and start your own blog?

Honestly, I thought just my friends and my family would read it.  They used to ask me all the time where things were from or why/how I styled my outfits so a blog seemed like the logical place to post it all.

How have you developed your style over time?

I have realized that I am a lover of basics, classics, neutrals, and affordability.  I would over the life of my blog you can see a gradual transition from a preppy centered wardrobe, to a more mature and classy one.

What inspires your style?

Ahh – tough question!  Mostly street style trends mixed with classy fashion icons like Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn.

If you had to start your wardrobe from scratch, what 5 things would you go and buy straight away?

A pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a work appropriate little black dress, a pair of nude heels, tasteful gold hoops, and a white flowy blouse.

What are some of the latest fashion trends you love?

Sneakers with EVERYTHING!  Seriously, if you haven’t paired your fav kicks with a dress yet – do it!  I also am loving shirts tucked into high-waist jeans with a belt, and mules.

What are some the latest fashion trends you can NOT stand?

OTS ((off the shoulder)) tops.  Not so much that I can’t stand them, but just that they’re not practical for everyday life and WAY over done at this point.

If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be?

Basics are the foundation to your wardrobe.  They may not be the most fun to buy, but invest in some good ones and you’ll be happy you did.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 10 years?

Hopefully raising little one(s) and taking this blog to the next level!

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  1. So proud of you and your accomplishments, Morgan. Would love to follow you and your work in the fashion industry. I knew your mother Celie and your Father Tony when they were courting in High School. Love them! And now you and your precious siblings!! Best wishes!! Elizabeth Barringer from Carthage NC.

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