The Stylish Pregnancy: Cammeo Murray

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The Stylish Pregnancy: Cammeo Murray
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The Stylish Pregnancy: Cammeo Murray
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The Stylish Pregnancy: Cammeo Murray
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The Stylish Pregnancy: Cammeo Murray
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The Stylish Pregnancy: Cammeo Murray
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“It’s fun to take on the challenge of styling my body in a new way.” – Cammeo Murray

What’s the inspiration behind your pregnancy style?

I rely on Pinterest and Instagram a lot for inspiration, especially from my fellow mommy bloggers. I typically like neutral tones and classic looks that are flattering for a growing bump. It’s all about layers and accessorizing to make you look pulled together.

Do you find it challenging to dress your body as it changes? 

It only gets harder towards the end when you are hot allll the tiiiime. So, you try not to sacrifice style for comfort, but sometimes you just have to throw on a pair of flip-flops and call it a day. I’ve always been one to allow my fashion sense to evolve as I’ve gotten older and the same goes with being a mom. Even though, I may not wear heels as much I still love to choose pieces that are unique when I’m shopping.

Have you discovered anything new about what motivates your style since being pregnant? 

I feel like my pregnancy style is a lot different this time around because with my first I was working at LAmag in an office full-time so, I was always dressed up and in much more modern, chic, business attire. Now with my second pregnancy, I’m chasing a toddler around and working from home. I’m much more about being comfortable with easy-to-move-in looks (dresses, leggings, comfortable jeans) are all my go-to wardrobe pieces.

It’s fun to take on the challenge of styling my body in a new way and discovering new brands that you didn’t realize carry maternity such as TopShop and ASOS.

Yarnique Spivey

Yarnique is a pearl wearing, freelance writing Mommy of V. She enjoys sharing her musings on children’s, maternity, and workplace fashions. She hails from the DC Metro area, but her heart is in Hawaii. Her interests include history, women in technology, pregnancy rights, homeschooling, and alpacas. In her “free time” she binge watches on Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. True Story: Once while visiting Disney World she was identified as a DC native by her socks.

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