Athleisure – Elevated Sportswear with Urban Vibes

These days, yoga pants, strappy sports bras and stretchy hooded jackets are no longer worn exclusively inside fitness centers or on jogging tracks.

In the recent years, sportswear has been metamorphosing before our eyes into a more complex and versatile type of clothing: introducing athleisure, the hot trend that invites us to enjoy the comfiest type of clothing both while exercising and while meeting up with friends, shopping, going out to eat or even attending meetings the millenials’ way, in stylish joggers and sneakers.

When it comes to dressing up in the mornings, we all seem to want the same thing: ‘comfort and style’ – and we usually conclude that that’s quite an overwhelming task.

One of the greatest appeals of athleisure and one of the top reasons why it’s showing no signs of slowing down is the fact that it is far easier to look put together and fashionable while wearing brightly colored, form fitting sporty pieces than it is to mix and match less informal styles.

In fact, the popularity of the athleisure trend is, undoubtedly, a result of the fact that it filled a market gap perfectly – millenials love wearing clothing that fits their lifestyle which is distinctly different to all other generations.

The fact is that it’s never been considered more hip to look like we’ve just finished exercising in the gym.

And given the fact that leggings are already labeled ‘the new denim’ and that there is an immense range of athleisure styles out there.

Appealing colors and modern designs, looking stylish and chic while appearing like we are workout fanatics has never been easier. Mesh details, eye-catching prints and patters, saturated hues and color-block designs, hot pink and black combos, straps, statement zippers and other such details make athleisure the newest form of redefined leisurewear and elevated sportswear.

Please check out the infographic made by ShoeCarnival, that explains the athleisure trend and it’s staying power, below.

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