The Stylish Pregnancy: Carly Kenihan

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The Stylish Pregnancy: Carly Kenihan
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The Stylish Pregnancy: Carly Kenihan
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The Stylish Pregnancy: Carly Kenihan
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The Stylish Pregnancy: Carly Kenihan
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The Stylish Pregnancy: Carly Kenihan
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“I’m totally embracing my pregnancy and body right now as I know it’s not every day I’ll be pregnant with twins!” – Carly Kenihan

Just a glance at Carly’s Instagram and you get a glimpse of how she’s mastered the stylish pregnancy. Carly defies the idea that being pregnancy means giving your own sense of style. For now, here’s what Carly had to say.

Was it hard finding fashionable clothes for your changing body?

In the beginning, it was tough I wasn’t showing enough to wear maternity clothes and my regular favorites weren’t fitting right. I started wearing the belly band so, I could wear my skinny jeans and tried my own loose fitting tops before I shared my pregnancy news. Now that I’m well into my pregnancy, it’s not hard to find fashionable clothes if I go for tight stretchy non-maternity pieces or utilize the many maternity brands.
Do you feel you’ve had to give up your individual style while pregnant?

Not really, I don’t wear extravagant looks, but my style was already evolving into a simple and sophisticated look. I’m all about basics with some designer accessories so, it’s been pretty easy to adjust with tight tees, maternity jeans, and leggings. Also, I’m still able to wear all my same fun jackets, bags, shoes, and accessories.

What brands were easy to weave into your pregnancy style?

Michael Stars and James Perse have a lot of great stretch basics that are non-maternity, but still fit my growing bump. Also, I love ASOS, H&M, and TopShop maternity.

What has been the best piece of clothing throughout your pregnancy?

My Michael Stars tees and dresses. They’re so simple, but I find myself wearing these pieces almost daily.

You can catch more of her pregnancy and pre-pregnancy styles on her site

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