7 Celebrities to Follow on Instagram for Your Latest Fashion Fix

Celebrities are always a good way to judge fashion. They seem to be our thermometer for the hottest and latest fashion trends. We as consumers, fashionistas, and humans naturally use the people we look up to get our advice for style. “If ‘so and so’ can rock it, I can.” -somebody. Thus, I have put together a list of celebrities that have awesome and a variety of taste.

Emily Ratajkowski

First, we have Emily Ratajkowski. One would have to be living under a rock not to know this model and actress. At just 25, she has 11.3 million followers and is always in the limelight. Arguably, the Goddess of celebrity fashion, has a good sense of what’s fun to wear. She has a bubbly and vibrant personality that goes hand in hand with her style. Not only does she have all her inside connects to see what’s the next hottest thing, but she models them as well. Emily wears a copious amount of swimsuits. Ladies, you no longer need to scour the internet in search of the newest trend in swimwear. I would highly recommend Ms. Ratajkowski for a girl looking to show off what her mother gave her.


Up close and personal in Paris last night! Thank you @jonasbresnan ❤

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Asap Rocky

It’s no surprise Asap Rocky loves fashion whether he’s rapping it or repping it. He currently models for Dior and often appears in new issues of GQ. Rocky seems to have a love of layers, flannels and peacoat coats. What I like most about him is his daring fashion sense; he has no problem trying new and risky apparel. His page has a mysterious aesthetic about it. One can easily lose an hour to just scrolling his mesmerizing pictures. He usually posts in groups of 3’s, 6’s, and sometimes 9’s. Although Asap Rocky isn’t the most consistent, he has high quality content and superb taste.



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Kylie Jenner

Next, Kylie Jenner comes from a long line of fashionistas, so it makes sense she is a leader in American women fashion. Kylie is smart; she models her own clothing line. She has been know to thrust small yet trendy brands into the limelight. Kylie Jenner has young women follow her fashion advice in herds. She is great way to find out what’s coming out next from her collection. Kylie not only displays what’s new and exciting with clothes but what hairstyles are in as well. I don’t know a modern and up to date young woman that doesn’t follow her.


New Kylie Shop Merch Launching Valentines Day 🔥 check out the countdown on KylieJennerShop.com

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Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator is thought of as just a goofy and polarizing rapper, but he has a great and unique sense of style. He is known for taking the brand Supreme into the mainstream when he wore a turquoise Supreme sweatshirt in his music video of “She” featuring Frank Ocean. His new-aged style is shown through his brand GOLF. Tyler is the bridging figure of skate fashion turned pop culture craze. I like his style because it oozes I don’t give a F***. Plus, he is constantly repping new gear, following him would give you an inside scoop on his line.



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Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty is one of the most genuine rappers in the game. He coined the term “Bubblegum Trap” for a description of his own music. However silly Yachty seems, he is gifted with his style of fashion. Although it might seem laughable with his flamboyant personality, his style is quite put together. He has a unique way of making outfits work for him. Lil Yachty has taken flare to a new level. Not to mention, Kayne handpicked Lil Yachty to model his Yeezy season collection.


Paris Was Fun.

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Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a pop culture unknown unless one is familiar with Formula One Racing. This 32 year old Brit, is a 3 time champion. His style is simple and modern; he dresses wealthy, but not in an exuberant way. Totally doable if you want to dress similarly! Lewis is a clean cut racing machine that loves to show off his threats on Instagram.



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Chrissy Teigen

Last, but certainly not least, I recommend Chrissy Teigen. Not only is Chrissy Teigen a gorgeous model, but she is fashionista. Personally, I love her humor and “girl next-door” attitude. One can tell she really has fun with her style and can even get a tad goofy! In a recent Instagram post, Chrissy and her husband John Legend were posing in onesie footie pajamas. Chrissy is also no stranger to elegance; she is constantly killing it on the red carpet. This vivacious young mom isn’t afraid to show some skin in a classy way.


La la !

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Honorable Mentions:

David Beckham, Mac Miller, Jon Bellion, Chance the Rapper, Jacob Keller, John Geiger.

Cameron Clark

Cameron Clark is working on attaining his B.F.A in screenwriting at Azusa Pacific University. He is Freelance Writer and an aspiring screenwriter/director. Cameron is originally from Northern California where is family still lives. He enjoys exploring Socal and having random adventures with his friends.

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