Dolce & Gabana Strike Again in Milan

Most people would argue that the most wonderful time of the year is Christmas, but for the people of the fashion world, it’s fashion week. No matter where, whether it’s Paris, New York, London, or Milan, top designers display their year’s work and rarely disappoint. For some designers, owning the runway is simple. They show off their craft, with something new and fresh in each city. But this week in Milan, Dolce and Gabbana took advantage of their home field advantage and dominated Milan fashion week with surprises all across the board.

Your typical runway show features young adult models who are all around the same height and size, so this is what the world is used to seeing as the fore faces for each brand’s collection. However, the “D & G” runway featured a variety of talent from children to women in their thirties and forties. As a young girl, my dream was to have the same outfit as my doll had. I always thought it would be so amazing to be able to wear the gorgeous gowns my dolls came with. Dolce brought that fantasy to life with over 140 looks, including a black dress with gold stitch detailing and roses on the sleeves. The model chosen to wear this look walked down hand in hand with a small child who was wearing the same dress on a smaller scale with a style more fit for an 8 year old girl.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana never produce a collection lacking in zeal and glamour, and their Fall 2017 Ready To Wear show was certainly no exception. Their collection was filled with every shade of pink and red under the sun, lots of blacks, and many looks that brought together edgy and feminine most swimmingly. Nothing about this collection was boring or played; everything was ultramodern and revolutionary. Many of the models graced the runway with a golden crown adorning their perfectly tossed beach waves as if to say they were royalty, and with the hard work so evident in their clothing and delicately designed and tailored for each model, they certainly looked the part.

However, not all of us are queens who can rock a gold crown, so D & G displayed a wide variety of looks that reached out to people of every style and walk of life. In a time where politics is a very touchy, but discussed subject, the two designers chose models from all across the country to display their looks, as if to say that the world of fashion will always accept every race, gender, and age. And so, once again, the fashion world has nothing but the upmost praise and respect for the two men who run Dolce and Gabbana for bringing people together to show that beauty is timeless and universal.

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