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As the fashion industry evolves we are seeing the emergence of many more artists not just occupying the label of ‘clothing designer’ but more ‘multi-faceted artist or creator and story teller’. These new artists are working far beyond just fabric and across several artistic platforms. Designers such as Iris Van Herpen and her merging of fashion with science, technology, architecture, and even sound, have brought this multi-faceted approach to design into the mainstream.

The best and most interesting artists are the ones with a strong message to share Rudy Loewe is one such artist.

Rudy’s pronouns: They / Them

It is difficult to define Rudy Loewe because their work stretches across so many platforms, Rudy Loewe is a researcher and multimedia artist using multiple platforms mainly zines, comics, prints, and t-shirts, to convert complex narratives into more easily digestible and non intimidating forms of art.

Loewe’s work is centered on bringing awareness to untold narratives and marginalized communities. Primarily focusing on topics such as gender, racism, sexuality, mental health, disability, assimilation and queer politics. They frequently use comedy and satire to disrupt traditionally dominant power structures to kick start difficult conversations. This is evident through the recurring motifs (ie Venn diagram) throughout Loewe’s work, cleverly allowing highly complex issues to be simplified without being reductionist.

One of Loewe’s most notable works is their Venn diagram t-shirt “Loud White Men/ Opinions That Matter”, which became the unofficial uniform for south London’s queer community.

Taking inspiration from theorists such as Paulo Friere a strong supporter of critical pedagogy, a philosophy of education and social movement that view teaching as inherently political and believe in social justice and emancipation from oppression through an awakening of critical consciousness. With the intention of encouraging individuals to affect change through political action and social critique, which is why an important element of Loewe’s work is facilitating workshops to enable these conversations to be had.

Loewe’s work could be the inspiring foundation of a movement seeking to affect change through the community, raised awareness, and important dialogue. It is this belief that sets Rudy Loewe apart from the crowd and why they will certainly be one of the greats. The power of the message in Rudy’s work and excellence in execution is beautiful; they are an amazing artist, a strong instigator for change, and a truly inspiring person.

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