Rent the Runway is Dominating its Niche

Back in the good old days, pre-social media technology, women could get away with buying an expensive designer dress, and wearing it more than once. However,  with the advent of Facebook and Instagram, you can almost always count on being tagged in a photo captured at the events you attended. Wearing the same dress twice would be considered a “fashion faux pas!” Women were spending more money than ever before on special occasion dresses. Not only was this a flaw in the theory of “getting your money’s worth” out of a garment, it left closets cluttered with dresses never to be seen or worn again.

In November of 2009, enter in Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss, who, together, brilliantly founded and launched, “Rent the Runway,” the ideal, and unprecedented solution. Rent the Runway provides the “Cinderella” experience for women everywhere. It’s exactly… “renting the runway.” At a fraction of the price, women are able to rent designer fashion and have the garments delivered to their doorstep. “WOW,” now why didn’t I think of that ingenious business model?

Rent the Runway has executed it’s business model exceptionally well. Singing up is completely FREE! Once a member, the searching begins. The first steps are to input your delivery details, and filter options. Filters include: size, age range, body type, length, sleeve, neckline, embellishments, colors, and designers.

A key component of the website is the “Our Runway” feature.  This allows inquiring members to view the item of their choice on other shoppers who have provided their feedback with both photos, and reviews.

Once ready for “checkout,” the rest of the experience is seamless. The dress will arrive at your doorstep, on your desired delivery date. Wear the dress, feel like a million bucks! Simply place the worn garment into the pre-paid return bag, and mail it back. It’s that simple!

Tiffany Haughton

Tiffany Haughton is a licensed cosmetologist, freelance stylist and writer. Born and raised in Bay Area, Tiffany’s passion for beauty and fashion was apparent at a young age. From choosing her outfits and accessories at three years old, to sketching her fashion visions as a teen, she was born a fashionista. The primping pioneer is well versed in makeup, hair, and fashion trends. Consistently staying abreast with current fashion trends, while adding her own flair, Tiffany has joined the writers of to deliver her insights and expertise. She enjoys spending time with her family and challenging her creativity in the interior design space.

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