Our Predictions for Kanye West Yeezy Season 5

Yeezy season is back. Kanye West is going to premiere Yeezy Season 5 in conjunction with Adidas on Tuesday at the Pier 59 Studios in New York’s Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex. The premiere has been scheduled for 5 pm on February 15, a decision that has already ruffled a few feathers in the fashion world as the event will clash with the presentation of high-end womenswear line Marchesa. The whole fashion world is in an uproar over West’s move and New York Mag’s The Cut has gone so far to call Kanye the “Donald Trump of fashion.” Whatever you want to call him, Kanye west is crazy talented and always unpredictable. Nevertheless, here are a few predictions of what we may see from Yeezy Season 5:

1.) The Gown, Yeezy Style

People are always selling Kanye short and failing to recognize the method to his madness. Maybe there is a legitimate reason for the Marchesa snub. Founded in 2004, the brand is the brainchild of Georgina Chapman, wife of high powered film producer Harvey Weinstein. Marchesa specializes in the busy tulle and floral applique dresses you see on Hollywood starlets who must be vying for the famed producer’s attention. That is the only sound explanation for this kind of nonsense, right? West could reveal an antithesis to this kind of red carpet pageantry with the minimalist Yeezy gown.

2.) Baby Strollers?

West has been quietly working on a glamorous kid’s clothing line with wife Kim Kardashian.  A picture of North sporting a shimmering lemon drop dress paired with skater shoes for a trip to the ballet gave the world a preview of what the fashion forward couple could come up with. Parents beware: if Kanye is unleashes a line for children, your baby might be getting too much swag too quickly.

3.) Going to the Country?

I loved the Balmain denim jacket that Kanye West wore to the Met Gala over the summer. It was modern take on the classic outlaw country wear of Steve Earle. I’d love to see him run with it.  If I had my way, Yeezus 5 would be nothing but hip-hop inspired Nudie Suits.

4.) The No-One-Man-Should-Have-All-That Power Suit

Kanye West has already hinted at running for President in 2020. He introduced the #Kanye2020 hashtag on Twitter with a preview of the Adidas business formal look — a crisp red tracksuit paired with a traditional blue tie. Yet his relationship with the current administration seems to have cooled off since he failed to get an invitation to perform at Trump’s inauguration because he wasn’t “typically and traditionally American.” Either way, if West is serious about ending up in the White House, he’ll need an image alteration. Enter the Yeezus Suit, in the same muted monochrome shades as the last Yeezy season, perhaps with some detailing in his signature pastel hues. The Yeezus suit says, “I’m strong in my own individuality.” Get it in time for Yeezus 2020.


Chris Carson

Chris Carson is a writer and journalist who lives in Washington D.C. He was the editor in chief of Keepeyes Magazine and a contributing writer for Flaunt Magazine. His fashion icons are Young Thug and Bella Abzug

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