Tips to Feel Trendy and Beautiful

The most famous “it girls” in the world, such as Olivia Palermo and Chiara Ferragni reflect their personality through fashion and that is what make them unique and successful.

Lovely Chiara Ferragni. She found her own style and she is now one of the most famous “it girls” in the world

Finding you own style is a process you achieve over time and in most cases lasts your whole life. Always in continuous evolution, your style should grow with you and be a representation of your tastes and everything that defines you.

A unique style will give you confidence in many cases and can even help you achieve many of your goals.

These are some of the reasons why you should promote your own style and some tips to help you achieve it.

Olivia Palermo always with a very personal style and its sweetness, key in her style.

Be always yourself. Create your own closet that reflects the best version of yourself will be the best benefit to your confidence. You should feel satisfied and comfortable with the clothes you buy considering that in the end you are investing part of your salary.

Having your own style and feeling comfortable will help you achieve personal goals and will make you feel better with yourself. You will never hide behind clothes that do not represent or feel what you are not. So, It is time to clean up and leave only those clothes that express yourself and represent your own personality and feelings.

Iris Apfel, her exotic style has made her to be one of the queen of fashion

Create your own brand. Both Chiara Ferragni with her rock and chic style at the same time and Oliva Palermo, with her preppy and sweetie style, are fashion icons that have something that makes them unique and recognizable.

Why don’t you do the same with your own closet? Think of it as if it was a project or even the creation of your own personal brand. What makes you unique? Believe it or not, many opportunities can come from having your own different and unmistakable style.

The style of Miroslava Duma is always unique

Take advantage of your strengths. The image is very important (specially in the fashion industry). If you know your strengths, take advantage of them! It does not matter if it is a job interview or your day a day. Looking professional but also having your own style is something you should look for.

Olivia Palermo create trend with everything she wears

Stomp and be confident. This is the most important tip that makes you feel good and everyone will perceive it. Obviously, it is not about dressing for others, but the image you project will always influence the way the world perceives you. If you look confident because you feel good about what you are wearing, everyone will notice it.

Enjoy fashion and enjoy shopping clothes. That’s it, be brave and create your own style based on your personality. Look for it and you will find it.

And never forget to always enjoy what you do!

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