Buying Lingerie for Her – A Man’s Guide

Buying lingerie for a beautiful woman is one of the finest pleasures a man will have in life. This Valentine’s Day, gift yourself by giving your favorite woman the gift of intimates. But first, ask yourself a few questions:

What does she like to wear?

The woman in your life probably puts more thought into her delicates than you realize. Take a look at what she already has. If she doesn’t own a single thong, don’t rush to Fredericks of Hollywood for a barely there G-string. She won’t be eager to wear it. But maybe, you go for this high waisted, Chantilly lace teddy. It reveals those scintillating cheeks and pushes the boundaries of her everyday wear, while ensuring you are both comfortable in the clothes you’ll be taking off.

What do I want to see her in?

Part of the fun of this experience is thinking which parts of your girlfriend’s body you would like to see accentuated. So be sure to take time to browse all the selection available. Women’s lingerie is designed to do so much, you are bound to find something that will do something for you (and her).

And for men that appreciate the rear physique of a woman, take a look at this.  Wouldn’t you love to tie your girl up in this?

What are you willing to pay?

AdoreMe is currently holding sales for Valentine’s Day. Sign up and get anything for $19.95. You may have to cancel a membership if you are doing it for a one time gift, but they make really sexy, affordable pieces that can serve as a nice introduction into intimate dress up.

What else can she use it for?

When buying something sexy for her, think of the functionality of what you are buying. Is it something she could wear under a date night outfit or even out with her girlfriends? Correct me if I’m wrong ladies, but it’s nice to feel like you got a little sexy secret under what you got on, something to share with your man? And for men, it’s a gift that keeps on giving that she associates that fun with your gift. Keep Valentine’s going year round



Chris Carson

Chris Carson is a writer and journalist who lives in Washington D.C. He was the editor in chief of Keepeyes Magazine and a contributing writer for Flaunt Magazine. His fashion icons are Young Thug and Bella Abzug

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