Go Baggy This Weekend Guys

The Japanese have made an invaluable contribution to the world of style, thanks to their historical preference for robes over the European leaning toward tights. The kimono became popular in early Japan, during the 8th century. But beneath the kimono, the Japanese wore hakama, a kind of loose, baggy trouser.

As traditional east meets modern west, the result, as noted by Gina Marinelli, is a disregard for fit all together, creating looks that are fun, flowing, and full of confidence, on full display in these modern interpretations, courtesy of Refinery 29.

Take a cue from the Japanese this weekend and go baggy. Here are a couple of pieces to get you started.

This wide denim pant from WEAR is cool and relaxed. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon walk for coffee. This is the kind of thing to wear in spring, without socks and a light jacket. They cut such a confidently removed shadow.

Classic American bohemia. Just like Jackson Pollack.

The London designer Lou Dalton, one of the few women working in men’s wear, adds some refinement to the baggy look with her trousers. Pair them with a blazer for a look full of edgy elegance.

Mixing fits, by donning a tighter piece on top creates a really unique feel for men, giving them a feeling of gentle stature that is hard not to notice, and isn’t fashion about being noticed?

Chris Carson

Chris Carson is a writer and journalist who lives in Washington D.C. He was the editor in chief of Keepeyes Magazine and a contributing writer for Flaunt Magazine. His fashion icons are Young Thug and Bella Abzug

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