Favorite Hair Accessory Designers


If your more into the Botticelli look, Enchanted by Liv Hart is just the perfect fit. The once Fine Arts student is inspired by metal smith and sculpture to create her intriguing hair accessories.  Her creations are elegant, sophisticated, and unique enough not just for a wedding day, but any day.  To view for yourself, check out her new Spring collection at https://www.livhart.com/



Tania Maras in the fierce designer behind Percy Handmade heirlooms.  Based in Australia, her collections represent a trademark pattern that’s classic, soft, and dreamy in a contemporary fashion. These are ageless accessories that are dazzling enough to pass on through decades.



Looking to invent a mix of charm and excitable accessories for those theatrical entrance that doesn’t spare on the luxury?  Look no further than to Israeli actress,/Designer Keren Wolf.  Wolf’s  influences for hair jewels come  from her time spent in a theater enriched with photographs and costumes from the 1920s.   Her freshness and perceptions have earned her the reputation as one of the top 5 dominant women in Israeli fashion.


Head piece designer Jennifer Behr has always been intrigued by royalty, fantasy, history.  That’s why when you see her accessories you feel as though you been transported back in time admiring Marie Antoinette or being mesmerized by Odette in Swan Lake.  Because of these intertwined interests, Behr headpieces are some of the most posh designs available in the industry. From Winter through Summer, Behr skillfully blends a variety of materials to invent exclusive bequest quality designs.    Her pieces have been admired and worn some of Hollywood’s most leading ingenues such as Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, and Zoe Saldana.


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