Lady Gaga’s Lights Up The Super Bowl in Style

Lady Gaga lit up the stage during the Pepsi Zero Sugar halftime show. And no, I’m not talking about the 300 Intel Shooting Star™  drones flying around in the sky. Let’s be honest, all eyes were on her as she showed off her flawless outfits. During the performance Lady Gaga managed to make some changes to her wardrobe. Not only that, but this lady strutted in style before and after the show. Check out all of looks that were styled by Gaga’s stylist Brandon Maxwell.

Lady Gaga took to instagram to share a sneak peek preparing for her performance backstage in the dressing room. From the looks of it Gaga got in the spirit supporting a team of her own. She showed her spirit for the Super Bowl in a pink football jersey with her initials embroidered in rhinestones and matching helmet saying, “Lady Gaga” on the side in white letters. This pre-performance look had us ready and waiting for Gaga at halftime.

Before the show, Gaga posed like a goddess dressed in all black from head to toe. This outfit consisted of a ribbed knit sweater with sheer loose sleeves with a high-low skirts from Vera Wang’s 2017 Collection. The look was completed with black shades and stiletto heels.

In the beginning of Lady Gaga’s performance she strutted out wearing a sparkling custom long-sleeved Atelier Versace bodysuit with a matching pair of knee-high boots. This first look was glowing with glamorous Swarovski crystals.

Gaga then added a gold sequin jacket to this outfit that consisted of spiked shoulders that was worn during her “Just Dance” performance. Her attire was inspired by famous icon David Bowie.

Lady Gaga changed into her third look for her “Bad Romance” performance dressed in a white crop-top with structured sleeves and blue hot pants.

At a pre-show press conference Gaga showed her patriotism wearing a red and blue Versace ensemble that was completed by a high-waisted wrap around skirt and a tucked in top. Let’s just say she ended the night in sophistication and style that made a statement.

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