Is Melania Trump Really A Fashion Mogul?

Melania Trump is filing a defamation lawsuit against DMG Media, the company that publishes the London based newspaper, the Daily Mail, for suggesting that she worked as a high priced escort as a young woman living in New York City.

Mrs. Trump has asked for $150 million, asserting that the papers story has cost her what could have been a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as an extremely famous and well-known person, as well as a former professional model, brand spokesperson and successful businesswoman, to launch a broad-based commercial brand in multiple product categories.”

While the Guardian, and other news outlets have rightly brought up concerns that the lawsuit is suggesting Mrs. Trump has plans to directly benefit from her high profile position as First Lady, what is really alarming is the baseless suggestion from the Trump team that Melania would have otherwise been the world’s foremost fashion mogul and icon.

Like Donald’s own business ventures, most of Melania’s forays into the fashion have ended in failure. Peter Moskowitz explains in this in depth article for Racked, Mrs. Trump’s caviar skin care line went under before it could even really get started. Court records suggest that she may have just gotten into business with the wrong people, and her partner’s’ personal foibles got in the way of distribution and when it came time for the product to be shipped, orders were left standing. Melania eventually won a lawsuit for $50 million. No surprise there. Weather she deserved the settlement or not, the suit itself is an example of a deliberate Trump business tactic – the lawsuit.

Hern skin care line crashed and her jewelry line, which the administration brags about being sold on QVC, is nowhere to be found on the website. A search for Trump only returns a few gaudy handbags. A search for Melina returns a few pieces of Elizabeth Taylor jewelry. A search for Melania Trump returns the same Taylor pieces. To suggest that the Daily Mail piece has somehow ruined a blossoming career in the fashion industry is completely unfounded, even false. Melania Trump hasn’t had much of  a fashion career in the first place. Or does a failed skin care line and a defunct jewelry line count as being a fashion mogul?

Asking for $150 million to compensate for damages is just the latest expression of our first family’s greed and delusion. Like their patriarch, the whole family seems to think the world owes them for their own mediocrity. It would be a shame if any court agreed with them.

Chris Carson

Chris Carson is a writer and journalist who lives in Washington D.C. He was the editor in chief of Keepeyes Magazine and a contributing writer for Flaunt Magazine. His fashion icons are Young Thug and Bella Abzug

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