Our Favorite Pieces From Young Thug’s #SlimeLand Collection

Over the weekend, Young Thug opened the #SlimeLand pop up shop in London, an added bonus to his stop there with Drake on the Boy Meets World Tour.

Here are a few highlights the collection, still available at https://youngthugmerch.com/. Check it out.

I’m all for painting on one’s clothes, especially on jacket’s, and love the contrast of bright red on the washed out denim. It is a tough look, kinda like you are one half of a WWE tag team duo, that sticks to the frightful, active feeling in all the merch released this weekend.

Still, I don’t understand putting someone else’s name on our back. Better to do some kind of design or picture, like this jacket, designed by San Francisco artist  Chris Lux.




Check out Young Thug talking to Sway last year. You’ll hear Thugger talk about all the ways he plans on changing the rap game, including his whole concept of “slime.” He really ran with the idea and has granted the world three Slime Season mixtapes, and now this long sleeve tee shirt.

This one, for sure, looks like something from a Goosebumps cover. But with purple letter down the sleeves, also is in keeping with the rap world’s love of more athletic dress, looking like a motocross jersey. Put this shirt on and ride your dirtbike to see Young Thug and Drake at their next stop in the “Boy Meets World Tour.”

This beanie may be my favorite piece of Young Thug merch available. I love the simplicity of it and the lettering reminds me of vintage Everlast boxing gear.


But mostly, I love that bright red color and thick headband. This is the sort of thing that can add a nice pop to your brand new Young Thug uniform.

Chris Carson

Chris Carson is a writer and journalist who lives in Washington D.C. He was the editor in chief of Keepeyes Magazine and a contributing writer for Flaunt Magazine. His fashion icons are Young Thug and Bella Abzug

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