Fashion For A Cause: Designers Come Together to Support “Help Refugees” Charity

Fashion is often much more than meets the eye. In today’s world with social media and larger, more accessible platforms, it’s constantly being used to communicate messages to inspire and provide hope in many aspects of the world around us.

Katharine Hamnett is an English fashion designer known for her creation of the iconic slogan tees that made their debut in the ‘80s. With each slogan expressing a desire for global or political change, they quickly became popular as consumers viewed them as a wearable forms of causes they stood by.


Hamnett recently donated the slogan “CHOOSE LOVE,” a twist on her familiar “CHOOSE LIFE” slogan t-shirt to Help Refugees, a charity based in Europe. Starting as a social media campaign in 2015 by friends Lliana Bird, Josie Naughton, and Dawn O’Porter, the support grew rapidly and Help Refugees became their platform for supporting those in need.

The charity provides funds for services such as food, medical care, shelter, and even tools like education and job training for further support.

The Choose Love designs can be purchased through their online fundraising store and with each purchase, the proceeds go toward helping fund their efforts in reaching out to those in need of aid.


As well as Harmnett, London-based designer, Bella Freud also contributed designs to Help Refugees. Her designs, that read the phrase, “I’ve Got Refugenes,” is a part of their Refugenes campaign in which the purpose is to communicate and recognize the contributions that  refugees have had on British Society. Freud is the daughter of artist Lucian Freud and great grand-daughter of well-known physiologist Sigmund Freud who were also both former refugees.


All shirts are produced in a wind-powered factory and they are also all made from organic cotton, ensuring ethicality with each design. To learn more about the cause, visit

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