Why Angelenos Don’t Know How to Dress for Winter

Have you ever been to Los Angeles during the winter? Neither have I. As a native Angeleno I never experienced a true winter in Los Angeles; that’s because an average winter day is hardly ever under 50 degrees fahrenheit. It may rain but it’s never more than a few days at a time. And it’s never cold enough to snow so if you want a white Christmas you’re going to have to get out of town.

Below 60 degrees fahrenheit in LA is “cold.” We wear The North Face jackets like we’re ready to go climb mountain. We wear Hunter boots for fashion, not functionality, expect those ten days out of the year that it actually rains. And when you’re the type of person who doesn’t see the point of buying rain boots that you’re not going to use (and why would you buy something that isn’t practical), you end up wearing shoes that aren’t fit for the rain.

I own a limited amount of winter clothes mostly for when I leave town. I never needed a down jacket until I visited Chicago in the winter, the real winter! I remember watching YouTube videos on what to wear because I literally had no idea how to dress for the winter. I owned pea coats for fashion until I had the use for them when I went to the U.K. in the winter. I didn’t even know about fleeced lined leggings until a couple years ago.

Los Angeles spoiled me as it does to many Angelenos. I grew up as a swimmer and an outdoors enthusiast; I almost always had the sun. And when I traveled I would hardly ever choose to go to a cold climate but that quickly changed. I’ve learnt to appreciate a true winter. I love seeing snow fall and wearing winter hats and scarves.

I use to avoid the cold weather because I didn’t know how to dress for it. A friend of mine who grew up in Finland once told me, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” When you have the proper clothes the weather isn’t bad. Of course, many would probably disagree when it comes to hurricane conditions or below zero temperatures but you get the idea.

I will admit, I’ve been guilty of dressing like it’s summer in November because it’s usually still warm. But I have learned how to dress for winter when I need to. I have become a big fan of layers, wool socks and warm mittens. Now I just need get out of town soon so I can bundle up in an oversized sweater and a fuzzy beanie.

Jeanine Romo

Jeanine is a blogger and freelance writer with a love for travel and fashion. She calls Los Angeles home when she isn’t exploring the world. She graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from California State University Los Angeles and has worked in the industry for nearly a decade. She now uses her design background to create her own one-of-a-kind garments for her travels.

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