Bodysuits Taking Center Stage Yet Again

This year’s must-have trendsetting item, making a huge comeback in women’s fashion, is the bodysuit. The fashion industry has a reputation for replicating previous trends and styles. In 1950, inspired by athletic leotards and one-piece swimsuits, fashion icon Claire McCardell, redesigned the sporty, fitted, one-piece and identified the style as a new fashionable blouse. Ever since, the bodysuit has reappeared time and time again throughout fashion history.

Bodysuits are trending globally. From Forever 21 and H&M, American Apparel and Hollister, Gap and Express, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, and all stores in-between, bodysuits can be purchased at retail stores everywhere. As GLAMOUR Magazine states, “bodysuits are shaping up to be the “it” piece of the year, and people are snapping them up like crazy.”

Today, bodysuits are more versatile than ever before.  With endless mix and match possibilities, bodysuits can be worn with everything. From sexy to professional, with its curve revealing shaping and its sleek profile, bodysuits are formed in an array of colors, patterns, designs, and infinite styles.  Celebrities and fashionistas of all ages have been spotted flaunting the fashion staple. Will you join the trend?

Tiffany Haughton

Tiffany Haughton is a licensed cosmetologist, freelance stylist and writer. Born and raised in Bay Area, Tiffany’s passion for beauty and fashion was apparent at a young age. From choosing her outfits and accessories at three years old, to sketching her fashion visions as a teen, she was born a fashionista. The primping pioneer is well versed in makeup, hair, and fashion trends. Consistently staying abreast with current fashion trends, while adding her own flair, Tiffany has joined the writers of to deliver her insights and expertise. She enjoys spending time with her family and challenging her creativity in the interior design space.

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