Céline Dion is Launching Her Own Line Accesories

She has entertained and empowered us with her voice for three decades, but now Céline Dion is jumping feet-first into new waters.

The legendary songstress, who is expected to release a new full album this year after a slew of singles in 2016, is teaming up with Montreal-based Bugatti Group to release a fall line of accessories.

The collection will have over 200 items, including luggage sets, handbags and other leather goods. The items will also be available at different price points, making them more affordable for consumers – which is perfect for those of us who spent too much on her concert tickets, but still want a piece of her debut collection.

Dion is pouring herself into this new venture, just like she does with her music. After her husband lost his battle with cancer last year, Dion took a small break from the spotlight. After quietly releasing some new tracks to show us she’s still got it, she’s coming back stronger than ever, just as her fans would expect her to.

So, why choose a company like Bugatti to work with for her first collection? “Their vision towards my brand is impressive, and their passion for fashion is as intense as mine,” Dion said. Ever so energetic, she continued, “So guess what — we’re going to have a really good time together. And, hopefully, all will enjoy the new collection.”

Prominent Brand + Talent, a strategic management consortium, and Epic Rights, a global branding, licensing and social media marketing company, are representing Dion throughout her journey into the fashion industry. Dan Levin, the Principal at Prominent Brand + Talent, explains, “This is just the beginning as we continue to identify partners across many categories to further develop [Dion’s] unique lifestyle brand.”

The collection is expected to debut at ‘The Tents’ Las Vegas trade show on February 21. If Dion’s fashion design skill is anything close to her vocal talent, I don’t expect the collection to last very long.


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