Daniel Vosovic is Redefining Fashion with ‘THE KIT’

About five years after launching his own critically-acclaimed self-titled collection, Project Runway alum, Daniel Vosovic, grew tired of his job fairly quickly. He felt that the constant need to be innovative and fashion-forward was exhausting, as well as damaging to his creative process. He also found that while he loved his runway collections, many of these pieces never make it into the stores. To remedy this, Vosovic came up with a new way to bring fashion to women and give them a variety of choices without sacrificing his bottom line or their pocketbook.

In 2014, Vosovic cancelled his show three weeks before he was scheduled to debut his fourth collection. He shut down his entire operation wand went back to the drawing board. Vosovic worked on a new business model to figure out a fix for this problem. Vosovic tells Fashionista he thought to himself, “Did I still like fashion? Yes, back on the table. Did I still love New York? Yes, back on the table. Did I love the traditional wholesale model? You know what? That’s not going back on the table right now.” His solution? ‘THE KIT.’

‘THE KIT’ is a luxury line of versatile separates, which are sold as mix-and-match bundles. “Basically, we invest in beautiful fabric—we’re starting with the most sumptuous silk georgette—and print each item to order. So it doesn’t matter if we sell one or 1,000 of a style! I can introduce a whole new set of prints and colors every two weeks without constant pressure to move product,” said Vosovic when asked about how his new venture will be beneficial for both himself and his clientele. The company’s fabric is printed with the same machines used by Hermès, another luxury brand. This means his customer is getting a top-of-the-line product at a great price due to Vosovic being able to keep his margins fairly low by only printing his product as it is ordered.

Vosovic wants to steer away from trying to change the way women dress, and instead give them key pieces to make it possible to convert their existing wardrobe. “A lot girls I know are leading multiple lives in one day. These ‘kits’ let them adapt to different occasions by just adding or removing another layer.”

‘THE KIT’ has become a true passion project for Vosovic. “I literally love coming to work,” he says, “because I get to play.” While he is still thinking of new ideas for his ‘kits,’ Vosovic has already made one combination available online in a few different color options.

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