Why Supreme x Louis Vuitton Could Mean the End for Streetwear

This January during Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton unveiled its new limited run collaboration with famed streetwear pioneer Supreme. As the bags, clutches and clothing were paraded down the runway in the quintessential red and white “Supreme” logo something else was happening: hype, and way too much of it.

Streetwear as a whole started as a counter culture movement. Companies like Supreme and Stussy had roots in then underground skateboarding culture, which made it cool. This was then paired with limited releases (arguably due in part to the inability to handle demand, but has since become part of their business model) which made it cool and exclusive. And everyone wants to be part of something cool and exclusive.

But this new collaboration with Louis Vuitton it has helped make Supreme inaccessible to the very people that brought the company its fame in the first place. Gone are the skaters and punks of the 90s and 00s; come to replace them are suburbanites and the nouveau-riche. While this change in clientele has been slowly happening for years, this collaboration basically signs the will for streetwear as we knew it. The good news is there will be a movement to take its place.

In the coming years the #streetwear phenomenon will fade (I see more Supreme in malls then in the streets which is never a good thing) like the styles of the fashion forward phases before them. What will replace them? Not sure, recently there’s been a lot more tech wear and workout-casual boutiques popping up, which would definitely be an easy transition.

So is streetwear really dead or just going through a change? If so what will be there to replace it? I’m honestly hoping for tech-ware, but that’s just me. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

JD Andrews

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