Elizabeth Kay The Designer

It’s late in the afternoon and a typical busy day for Designer Elizabeth Kay, who was just appointed to be the Lead in-house designer at June Ruby.  Elizabeth is working on exclusive designs for June Ruby Boutique, and her two signature lines: Elizabeth Kay and The Seventh Guilt.

Elizabeth Kay, is a high-end couture line that features well-made dresses, coats, and dress separates. The Seventh Guilt line, is a casual knitwear line that features beautiful and unique beanie hats, scarves, and casual clothing.

I caught up with Elizabeth, on a day when she was moving into her new design space and working on signature line orders. Upon entering June Ruby boutique, I immediately notice The Seventh Guilt collection on the table. The intricate stitching of the multi tonal scarves, has a lux aesthetic that immediately catches my eye. The store itself is beautiful as it has gorgeous clothing, hot pink walls, and a distinctive hot pink Victorian couch. As I walk through the store, I meet Elizabeth who herself Elizabeth exudes fashion. The day of our interview, Elizabeth is wearing a blue lace floral tunic with leggings and knee high boots. Her hair is beautifully styled, a highlighted bob with curls and waves perfectly executed. While she is still in the middle of setting up her design space, I glance through the Elizabeth Kay line. Right away, the Penrose dress makes an impression on me, the playful drape, the powder blue hue, and accent belt captivate me.

As Elizabeth enters the room, I complement her on her designs, and we both sit down to begin our interview.

Still amazed by her designs, I ask her how she got into fashion.

Elizabeth: “I’ve always loved fashion ever since I was a child. I became enamored with fashion while being a stylist, I worked on several film and photoshoots, and I fell in love with the art world.”

After Elizabeth was awarded the BCBG, Max Azria Group internship award two years in a row. She began making clothes for her friends and set up an Etsy account. Upon graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, with a double major in Fashion Design and Knitwear. Elizabeth began selling her clothes in many boutiques such as: Nati, and Whorl, before landing in house designer at June Ruby. Elizabeth has participated in the 2014 Paper Fashion Show and is currently working on an upcoming fashion show.

I then asked Elizabeth, what her favorite things to make are, and how would she describe her line?

Elizabeth: “I like to make special one of a kind pieces that are never reproduced, so that what my clients have, is truly rare. To me special quality is important, especially when creating clothing that will last. I also love to make outerwear, I especially love buying coats, so it also inspires me to create them.  I love working with wool, and I use it the most in The Seventh Guilt line. My lines are a combination of understated femininity and rebellion. I believe in creating well-made clothing, for the modern women, with comfort at the core”.

For my last question: I asked Elizabeth what inspires her in her work?

Elizabeth: “I’m inspired by things I see in everyday life, art, school, and anything that makes you see things differently. I love science and the aspect of how things are broken down: shapes, color, size, all that inspires me plus anything with beauty”.

To connect with Elizabeth Kay visit www.Elizabeth Kay.com , Juneruby.com or theseventhguilt.com

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