Be Your Authentic Self – A Chat with Tanesha Awasthi

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Be Your Authentic Self – A Chat with Tanesha Awasthi

Be Your Authentic Self – A Chat with Tanesha Awasthi

Be Your Authentic Self – A Chat with Tanesha Awasthi

Be Your Authentic Self – A Chat with Tanesha Awasthi

Between managing her successful blog and making one of her many media appearances Tanesha Awasthi spent some time answering our questions.  What a huge privilege! Tanesha’s site has blown up over the last few years.  She’s embraced her look and style to create an incredible fan base!  If somehow you’ve missed her make sure to check out her site or on Instagram!

How’d you get into fashion blogging?

I started Girl With Curves as a creative outlet outside my now former career in technology. My husband suggested I start a blog after seeing how unfulfilled I was with work, but at the time I had no idea there were women sharing their personal style online!

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic with a twist. I love classic silhouettes with a little something special to make it modern.

What are the trends that you are currently coveting?  Do you think you’ll love them next year?

The color yellow, gingham print everything and great basic tees to wear with fancy midi skirts. I have a tendency to translate trends in my own way of making them timeless, so I’ll definitely be wearing everything next year!

What is the one thing people would be surprised to hear about you?

I’m extremely introverted, a total loner! I also grew up painfully shy- the blog has forced me to come out of my shell.

Current favorite item in your wardrobe?

A nude tone spring 2016 Chanel bag that looks vintage- it literally goes with everything.

You have 232k Instagram followers, that is amazing! How did you grow such a large and engaged Instagram following?

Thank you, now I have 240k 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t start using Instagram consistently until 2015, so it’s just been a matter of posting style and beauty along with inspiration in an organic way to connect with my audience.

What daily tools and platforms do you use in your blogging routine, for research, promotion, sharing and other?

Instagram, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest.

I rarely research, I’ve been told I’m naturally a wealth of knowledge, but Google is the easiest way to get answers when I need them!

You started your blog over 5 years ago. What has changed most about fashion blogging culture/the blogging industry since you started? 

I think the fact that people now want to be a blogger as in a career path is the major change I’ve seen in the past couple of years.

If you could offer some words of encouragement to a newbie or frustrated fashion blogger, what would they be? 

Be your authentic self, do it in hopes of changing lives and keep at it because you love it, not for the money or the fame.

What are your goals for Girl with Curves in 2017? 

I’m in the process of building a team in order to publish more content. We’re also launching products this year, which I’m really excited about!


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