Add Shine to Your Closet With Holographic Fashion

Holographic is defined as “relating to, or produced using holograms; three-dimensional”. Holographic fabric is often a shiny silver, but has an iridescent, rainbow glow when shining in light. It is incredibly eye-catching and sure to make a fashion statement. Here are some of the greatest holographic fashions you can buy on the internet for great prices:

  1. Holographic Bracelet

Add rainbow flair to your wrist! For just $7.15, this bracelet can be yours!

  1. Holographic Backpack

You are certain to be the only one on campus with this backpack. If you wear this on a sunny day, you will catch everyone’s eye ($33.99).

  1. Holographic Leggings

Wear these pants at the club, or just wear them while going for a walk. They are sure to make your legs shine ($9.99)

  1. Holographic Nail Polish

Have Instagram-worthy nails in just a few minutes. This nail polish is quick drying and long lasting, too! Get .5 ounces for $10 

  1. Hologram Bow

Add flair to your hair! Get this adorable bow on for just $3.00.

  1. Holographic Two Piece Dress

This top and skirt is perfect for a night out to the club, for a space themed party, or for Halloween-the possibilities are endless! ($70).

7. Holographic Shell Purse

Because you’re really a mermaid ($18.99).

  1. Holographic Crop Top

This top is chic and sexy. Be sure to catch everyone’s eye at the next party. (Available in various sizes and colors ($12.70)

  1. Holographic Reversible Bralette

This bralette has two different holographic styles. It is handmade and has a five star rating. Buy yours for $40.00

  1. Holographic Crystal Necklace

This necklace will match any outfit-and is sure to get endless compliments ($14.99)

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