Everyday Glam – A Chat with Stephanie Lam

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Everyday Glam – A Chat with Stephanie Lam


Everyday Glam – A Chat with Stephanie Lam


Everyday Glam – A Chat with Stephanie Lam


The City of Angels brings us another fascinating fashionista!  A CPA by trade but a fashion blogger and style expert by love!  Stephanie Lam took some time to chat with us and answer some questions.  Her awesome site covers fashion, health, travel and lifestyle.  Check out her site and Instagram as soon as you’ve read about her passion, how she chooses an outfit and the best advice she’s received.

When did you launch Lam in Louboutins and what made you decide to get into fashion blogging?

I launched Lam in Louboutins in 2012 as a passion project. I had no expectations for where it would go or what I would do with it, I just knew I wanted to share my love for fashion. At the time, I was working in public accounting and I started following a few blogs like Atlantic Pacific and Gal Meets Glam during my downtime at the office (don’t tell my boss that, haha). I found their blogs so inspiring that I decided to start my own fashion blog. I’m an accountant, so obviously the most creative name I could come up with for my blog was Lam in Louboutins, and that’s how my blog was started!

Have you always had a passion for style and fashion?

I haven’t always been a fashionista; I had much preferred the toy store over the department stores when I was younger. It wasn’t until college that I really fell in love with fashion and explored with my style. I began falling in love with shoes and this passion eventually spread to the rest of my closet, but I’ll always call myself a shoe girl, hence the name of my blog.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style can be described as everyday glam. It’s very feminine and very cocktail party meets street. I love anything and everything that has lace or beaded embellishments, but I also love a great basic plain white tee.  My style is all about elevating basic pieces and dressing down designer pieces for every day.

Do you prefer designer, vintage or highstreet?

I definitely have a mix of all three types in my closet! I believe that style isn’t defined by “who” you’re wearing, but rather it’s about which pieces speak to you more.

What’s most important to you in choosing an outfit for the day?

Function! Whether I’m at a business meeting vs. brunch vs. having a lazy Sunday really defines what I’m going to be wearing that day.

Current favorite item in your wardrobe?

My blush pink Theory coat! I’m definitely having a moment with blush.

What’s a place you wish to visit?

I am dying to go to Spain, and by go I mean eat my way through.

What are your 5 essential travel items?

My camera; 2. A universal curling iron; 3. Lip balm (I use Blistex); 4. Extra pair of contacts; 5. A very comfortable pair of walking shoes or flats

What’s your favorite fashion era from the 21st century?

I love where fashion is now. Especially with the ever-expanding blogging community, I feel like fashion is as accessible as ever.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

I just completed my 200 HR Yoga Alliance teacher training and my aunt pointed out that I really could do anything if I dedicated myself to it. From getting my CPA to my yoga certification to starting my blog, she really helped me realize that I needed to pay attention to the things I have accomplished rather than focus on things that I failed at.

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