Classically Feminine and Romantic – A Chat with Thamarr Guerrier

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Classically Feminine and Romantic – A Chat with Thamarr Guerrier

Classically Feminine and Romantic – A Chat with Thamarr Guerrier

Classically Feminine and Romantic – A Chat with Thamarr Guerrier

Classically Feminine and Romantic – A Chat with Thamarr Guerrier

Classically Feminine and Romantic – A Chat with Thamarr Guerrier

Classically Feminine and Romantic – A Chat with Thamarr Guerrier

Classically Feminine and Romantic – A Chat with Thamarr Guerrier

Straight from the heart of Justin Timberlake to the pages of Perspectyve we are graced to be joined by Thamarr Guerrier.  Thamarr joins us from Florida and was awesome enough to answer some questions.  Between her blog and Instagram Thamarr’s sites and styles are contagious and indelible.  Please ensure you check her out right after reading about her personal style, essential items and growing her blog.

 When did your interest in fashion and beauty begin?

My love for fashion and beauty goes back to when I was a little girl, I remember watching my mom as she would put the finishing touches on her looks and think to myself that I couldn’t wait to be old enough to get to dress up and wear red lipstick.

I’ve always loved fashion and its fun to look back at pictures and see how my style has changed throughout the years.  Thin eye brows, black lip liner and Carolina Blue everything basically describes my middle school days.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m classically feminine and romantic with a fun, modern eclectic twist.

Do you prefer designer, vintage or highstreet?

Can I just have it all!  Honestly I shop more highstreet, low street and vintage.  I would shop designer if it was opened to me.  The thing about high fashion is that it’s usually not created with a bigger body in mind.  I wish more designers would see that size does not determine style and take the risk to design for bodies larger than a 14.   I am as stylish as any of my fashion contemporaries but I’m denied access to beautiful garments just because of a number on a label.

What is the one essential item in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

Good undergarments!  Your best outfit starts out with what’s underneath and what most people don’t ever see.

You have nearly 50k Instagram followers, that’s amazing! How long did it take you to grow your following?

It’s been about 4 years!  To some my Instagram following might not seem like a lot for that amount of time but I’m very happy that my following has been completely organic and genuine.  It’s awesome to know that I have real supporters that have grown with me.  I appreciate all of them!

How do you retain your followers and get them to interact?

I just try to be as authentic as possible without oversharing.  It’s a balance because you want to be relevant and approachable but at the same time you want certain things about your life to remain private.  I don’t want to bombard your feed to the point that you get tired of me.  I want you to look forward to seeing my posts and not roll your eyes!

I try to post a style look once a week to my blog and Instagram.   I keep engagement through other posts throughout the week too.  I love sharing things that motivate or inspire me so you will see lots of pink, quotes and flowers on my feed!   I’m also becoming more active on my InstaStory and showing a more relaxed side of myself.

If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be?

Don’t limit yourself to fashion rules.  In this case, rules are meant to be broken.   You can wear just about anything with the right amount of confidence.  Have fun with fashion and invest in a good tailor.  They will do wonders for how your clothes look on you!

Two words to describe Paris.

Moveable. Feast.

When was your last Justin Timberlake concert?

It’s been too long.  2013 I saw him twice, once in my hometown of Boston at Fenway Park during the Kings of Summer Tour with Jay Z and then in Orlando on his 20/20 Experience Tour.

Do you blog full-time or as a hobby?
I blog part time since I have a full-time, non-fashion related job.  The ultimate goal is to do it full time.   I absolutely love creating looks and writing about my fashion experiences – the good, bad and the ugly.  So it would be an absolute dream to do what I’m passionate about full time.

I started it as just a hobby, but I unintentionally created this platform that has helped so many women, including myself, to become more confident, experimental and enthusiastic about fashion and style.


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