The Style of Today and the Beauty of Yesterday

Have you ever inherited a unique vintage garment that is somewhat your style, yet not entirely?

I recently found myself in this predicament, as my beloved grandmother gave me her vintage ivory lace blouse. I saw potential in the many looks that I could wear, however I soon realized this was going to not only be an investment piece. One where I would have to go out and buy things to compliment the blouse, but a style conundrum. Pairing garments that directly coincided with this blouse would make me look out dated in 2017. This blouse is special because its well-made and was given to me as a gift, my challenge … how was I going to incorporate this vintage blouse, into my modern day existing wardrobe? Upon researching present day trends and trying on many options.  I arrived at the conclusion, that today’s looks are not that far from the looks of the past. The resurgence of Mod style, and the ultra-cool look of athleisure wear, I found myself in between two worlds old and new.  This lead me to develop some fun and hopefully time saving tips from my own personal journey.

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Tip 1: Try mixing vintage items, that are solid with a fun and bold print to create a unique balance.

 We all know that tunics and leggings are a great combination because they offer easy chic dressing. I experimented with pairing my vintage blouse with a bold patterned Thalia legging from Macy’s. The mixing of the bold print and subtle lady like blouse became a perfect balance, as both garments complimented one another.

Tip 2: Experiment with layering and concept styling.

For my next look with my vintage blouse. I layered a black dress over the lace blouse and played with concept styling; by pairing the ensemble with bright maroon stockings, and a pair of slim rose floral print sneakers. This is referred to as concept styling, where one takes a theme or a way of dressing such as office attire and mixing it with leisure wear. This gave my look versatility, as I could create a new look for myself, while being up to date with a dress casual look.


 Tip 3: Accessories and vintage accessories

My Final Tip for mixing vintage clothing with modern clothing, is to play up the accessories. Scarves are big in winter, why not wear a scarf with a long necklace to layer your accessories, providing a fierce focal point to your outfit. Adding onto the theme of accessories, how about mixing vintage accessories like leather purses, quirky shoes, socks, ties and so forth, with established looks of today. In doing so you will add a genuine touch of personal taste and stand out amongst the fashionable crowd.

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