Less is More Always Works – A Chat with Claudia Villanueva

We make our first visit to Spain to speak with Claudia Villanueva.  Claudia has been blogging at Trendencies since 2013  Her site is where she provides her daily styles (Hint: They’re amazing!) and a lot of other awesome things – including trends and collaborations.  Please check her site out as well as her Instagram at your next opportunity!

How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe it as eclectic. Sometimes I´d wear something really edgy and casual and sometimes I go for more elegant and girly looks. I like to play with clothes and mix really casual and effortless pieces with more elegant ones always following the latest trends in the fashion industry.

When did you begin Trendencies Blog and what made you decide to start?

I started my blog three years inspired by other popular fashion bloggers. I´ve been following fashion bloggers such as Gala González and Chiara Ferragni for a long time and I decided to start my own blog to show my personal style and inspire other girls.

Have you always had a passion for style and fashion?

Yes, I´ve always had a passion for fashion. I´ve been caring about my outfits since I was little when I used to play the role of a little fashionista wearing my mum´s heels and accessories.  I grew up following the latest trends and I´ve gone through many different phases and styles in my life until I found my own personal style.

What outfit have you worn that most represents your fashion style?

A pair of jeans, a white basic tee and a leather moto jacket on top. I think less is more and that combo is definitely my favorite and what I usually wear when I don´t want to think too much. The good thing about this look is that you can wear it day to night changing the shoes from a pair of combat boots to some stiletto heels.

What are some of the latest fashion trends you love?

I´m currently really into fishnet tights, military caps and A-line miniskirts. I love this season´s trends but those three are definitely my favorites and the ones I´ve been wearing the most lately.

What are some the latest fashion trends you can NOT stand?

I don´t like to say I´ll never wear something because your taste and style can change with time and you can actually end up loving something you used to hate. That´s the reason why I never say never.  I´m not really into sporty socks with heels or sandals. I love wearing my heels with cute ruffle, glitter or fishnet socks but I don´t like white sporty socks. I think they´re a bit too much!

What beauty products can’t you live without?

I can´t live without a good moisturizer, a concealer and mascara. Those are my three must have beauty products and I´m pretty basic when it comes to my beauty routine and my make up.

What is your favorite social platform and why?

My favorite social platform is Instagram. I love it because it´s very visual and even though I love my blog and all the process that it takes I think Instagram is quicker and easier to stay connected with my followers. I´m always on Instagram looking at other influencer´s pictures and getting tons of inspiration.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Madrid?

I love my city and there´s a lot of different plans I enjoy doing in Madrid. One of my favorite things to do in Madrid is have a walk around the old town and drink a good glass of wine in a terrace while the winter sun hits my face. Sunny winter days in Madrid are just the best!

What are your goals for Trendencies Blog in 2017?

My goals are to improve the blog quality with better photos and scenarios, keep posting daily content and inspire other people. I also want to work more on my YouTube channel and post more videos per week to stay more connected with my followers. I´d also love to make something big with an important brand. I´ve been working with brands for a long time now but this year I want to work on a big project!

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