De La Renta Honored with USPS Stamp

Being one of the leading fashion designers for 50 years gets you many things in life.  Money, fame and awards top the list.  Oscar De La Renta achieved all of these things and now, posthumously, he can add a new achievement.  Starting in 2017 De La Renta will be featured on a US Postage.

There will be 11 stamps in all.  A black and white portrait and 10 individual styles from some of his best gowns.  The stamps were designed by Art Director Derry Noyes, the Postal Service said.

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1932 De La Renta made his imprint on the fashion industry nearly instantaneously.  His ability to make women look amazing is second to none.  He began showcasing that ability in the 1960’s when he joined Elizabeth Arden.  From there his career skyrocketed and continued its growth well into the 21st century.

Oscar De La Renta passed in 2014 at the age of 82 after a long battle with cancer.  Many designers mourned his death but to sum it up best Donatella Versace called him “American Fashion Royalty”.  This seems like a fitting way to continue to honor royalty.

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