Persistence Pays Off – A Chat with Chloe Rose

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Persistence Pays Off – A Chat with Chloe Rose

Persistence Pays Off – A Chat with Chloe Rose

Persistence Pays Off – A Chat with Chloe Rose

Persistence Pays Off – A Chat with Chloe Rose

Persistence Pays Off – A Chat with Chloe Rose

Persistence Pays Off – A Chat with Chloe Rose

Persistence Pays Off – A Chat with Chloe Rose

Back across the pond we go!  Visiting with Chloe Rose was wonderful and a great representation of her blog.  Chloe gave us the opportunity to discuss her passion for fashion, how she got into blogging and some of the best advice she ever received.  Be sure to read below, check out her blog and find her on Instagram!

When did you begin All Chloe Rose and what made you decide to start the blog?

I first created Allchloerose at the start of 2016 however didn’t focus or launch the blog till after I graduated University this summer. Since I have put all my time and focus into it and continue to evolve and grow. I have studied fashion for over five years and also worked in retail alongside including personal shopping and I wanted a creative outlet to showcase my findings and style.

Have you always had a passion for style and fashion?

Yes, ever since a little girl I would parade around the house and showcase little catwalks to my family of my new outfits and have always felt inspired by fashion and keeping up to date with all the latest styles.

How would you describe your personal style?

That is a hard question for me as my style generally is a reflection of my mood, however I like to dress classy with a twist of chic. My dress sense has evolved over the past few years of growing up, it is now more minimalist and neutral. I like to stick to neutral tones through all the seasons such as nudes and blush hues including white/black and pops of color from time to time mainly over summer. I usually just follow my intuition day to day and keep on trend.

Do you prefer designer, or highstreet?

I would say I prefer highstreet due to the fact it is more affordable and accessible especially to keep on trend. However what girl doesn’t love a little luxury and desires a designer handbag or shoe in their wardrobe. My goal is to be able to fund/treat myself to timeless designer pieces from time to time.

What is the one essential item in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

Hard question, probably a handbag as it generally is an essential and can make a statement to any outfit.

What is your favorite social platform and why?

Hands down has to be Instagram because it’s leading the way. It’s addictive and you can find such inspiration on there even new places to visit. I find it’s such a great platform to connect with other similar people around the world and network daily.

What is the one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I used to live in Los Angeles for a few years and since aspire to move back and live there. It’s my second home I fell in love with it and miss living in the sunshine.

Where is your favorite place to shop?

My number one would have to be Zara, it never seems to fail on the best highstreet styles mirroring designer dupes and its affordable also very addictive.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Nothing worth having is ever easy. Persistence and hard work pays off, so never give up!

What are your goals for All Chloe Rose in 2017?

In 2017, I want to continue to grow Allchloerose and take on new risks. I’d like to reach more people and continue to celebrate fashion and the fact of being real, that’s what I’d like to communicate to my readers and connect with them through just being ‘me’. Essentially, take on new adventures and travels and collaborate with my favorite brands.


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