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Chat with Charlie Su

Chat with Charlie Su

Chat with Charlie Su

Chat with Charlie Su

Chat with Charlie Su

Today we revisit Southern California and visit with Charlie Su from  Charlie is a doctor by day and a fashion blogger in her spare time.  Charlie took some time to answer a few of our questions and let us know about her inspirations, essential travel items and how to stay up to date.  Please give the below a read and follow Charlie on Instagram (@itscharliesu)

How would you describe your personal style?

Simple, classy, minimalist and sometimes with a touch of edge.

What are the trends that you are currently coveting?  Do you think you’ll love them next year?

I’m currently loving over the knee boots. They are actually incredibly versatile and comfortable for all day wear on cold days. Now that I’ve collected a few pairs over the years, I personally think they have become a staple in my closet and so will still be much loved next year.

Do you prefer designer, vintage or highstreet?

I would say that I prefer ‘comfort’ so whether that’s designer or not is not as important. There are definitely luxury items that are on my wish list but I love the mixture of affordable basics paired with designer accessories. It’s about the fit and style more than the price tag.

What is your favorite outfit that you’ve worn recently, and why?

It’s getting a bit cooler and my recent obsession is with coats, so one of my favorite looks is the Vera Wang coat that I styled as a dress paired with Louboutin so Kate pumps – Classy and warm for those holiday parties!

Your vacations look amazing! What are your 5 essential travel items?

A good pair of sneakers, a wide brimmed hat, carry-all tote, chap stick, and a super hydrating moisturizer.

What inspires your style?

My incredibly stylish mom is the person that I grew up trying to imitate. I definitely got my love for the simple classic pieces, monochromatic, that less-is-more sense of style from her.

What are three of your favorite brands?

Theory- for their forever timeless staples that are very high quality. Chanel- bags and shoes (need I say more). J crew- easy, affordable work dresses and cashmere sweaters.

What’s most important to you in choosing an outfit for the day?

Comfort and warmth. I’m one of those “always freezing” people at work and so making sure I have a warm cardigan or scarf readily available is important. Since I’m seeing patients all day, comfortable foot wear is also a must-have (kitten heels and ballet flats!)

Do you stay up to date with the latest fashion and beauty trends?

Honestly no. There are so many new trends that come and go every season and so many other beautiful and successful bloggers out there who do an amazing job staying on trend. For me, I believe in the classics, staples, pieces that forever have a timeless elegance and appeal- and that are appropriate for my work environment. Browsing/reading about new trends can be fun, but I rarely indulge.

Where do you hope fashion blogging will take you in the future?

I started my blog/instagram as a way to share my personal sense of style. My goal is to stay genuine to my readers in content and try to put the best that I can out there. With a full time job and family, blogging is that little space that I’ve reserved for myself – without any grand plans or goals.


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