Sarah Jessica Parker is Opening Her First Store in DC

You probably thought this day would never come. Carrie Bradshaw herself, the woman whose fashion inspired legions of urbanite spinsters over a decade ago, is opening her very own store. Sarah Jessica Parker released the below statement on Tuesday announcing the December 8th opening to her 3 million Instagram followers.


In a perplexing move SJP will not be opening her store in midtown Manhattan as you might assume but in Washington, D.C. at the new MGM National Harbor Casino and Luxury center. The location is questionable to say the least but let’s hope she expands to a more fashion focused city other than stuffy Washington, D.C. Not to worry however, you will still be able to find her current line at retailers like Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter and Bloomingdale’s.

In a release, Parker said, “Opening a standalone store has long been a dream we have been working towards and we feel truly privileged to be doing so with the expertise, guidance and support of our brilliant partners at MGM Resorts”. She’s clearly pumped, and so are her fans by the looks of their 22,000 likes on Instagram.

This seems like the natural progression for Parker and her budding fashion empire. In 2014 she launched her line of shoes, which was backed by Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus. And then in September of this year she announced via Instagram her new line of LBD’s (little black dresses). Which does not look all that bad as you can see from the below debut design photo


It remains to be seen whether Mrs. Parker’s foray into store front shopping will be a success, but we are certainly rooting for her. For a woman who has helped sell countless designers wares in the past, she absolutely deserves it.

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