Get Comfortable Wearing a Bralette

Over the past few years a new trend has been popping up in the luxury bra world. In a world ruled by words like underwire, lift, and ultra-cleavage, the times have turned. The bralette has appeared and fashionistas are kind of loving it. Why? Well, comfort of course.

I live in the world of running in and out of yoga studios, cycling, and dressing up for work. It sucks that a different bra is required for each activity. One of the worst feelings is being stuck with a uni-boob while doing a handstand in yoga, and then being totally restricted by a push-up bra while dancing.

Why on earth do women go through complete torture for fashion? I’m getting sick of it, and it sounds like a good number of women are with me on this one. Science is starting to back us up too.

According to Jean-Denis Rouillon after he completed a 15 year study of the lady lumps he found that bras can cause sagginess over time. In the study done at the University of Besancon, France, it was suggested that non-bra wearing ladies had nipples on average 7 mm higher in relation to their shoulders than those who wore bras. Kind of shocking, right?

Well, as much as I’d love to never wear a bra again. It has been suggested by other doctors that you should wear a sports bra for exercise. Our good friend gravity is the true enemy here. During exercise the breasts are pulled, and moved around. But, never fear that is why there is the sports bra. In the past few years sports bras have transformed from frumpy to strappy and fun. For ladies who need more support there are more options than ever. Just a little pro tip from a shopaholic: being a bustier lady I found success in getting quality sports bras from discount sites. I found a huge savings on high quality sports bras at Nordstrom’s Rack.

Back from that digression. Now that we know from Rouillon that bras don’t really help back pain, or keep the lady lumps lifted we can try something new. My new love, the bralette. The light weight lace material will gently hold you in place unlike the classic bra. There is no push or pull, or gross popping out of the cup. This is a safer way of getting the familiar coverage of a bra without the painful push of an underwire. And, maybe will save you a little sagginess in the future. With gentle coverage of the bralette we’ll be seeing more comfort overall in the fashion industry.

The best part about these beautiful lacey accessories can be found for less than most bras. Collectively let’s move fashion, and comfort together, by giving the bralette a try. It truly is comfort to the next level.

Evelyn May

Evelyn Louise May is highly intrigued by the history of fashion. She is currently researching and writing a non-fiction book. When Evelyn isn't writing, or playing with makeup she is teaching yoga. She loves mixing health, fashion, and history into her writing. You can find her most days shopping in Minneapolis, MN or out enjoying the city.

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