Change for the Better

What do you think of when you hear the term “fashion forward”? I would like to believe it means exactly what it sounds like, moving forward in fashion. Though we all know when it comes to fashion and your personal style, those two things can be worlds apart. What someone finds cute and stylish is just that cute and stylish … To them . Fact is you could give two people the same choice in outfits and they will style them completely different, because let’s face it the outfit on that mannequin doesn’t always look as fashion friendly on you as you first anticipated.

That right there is personal style and comfort, now let me get to the point of this piece. HIJABS! We all know what they are, but sadly they are still considered taboo in the fashion world and even worse just in our world. Hijab wearing is not only cultural it is fashionable! The crazy part is that it seems people are misunderstanding that this is personal style and personal comfortably. It’s their choice. These Women feel just as beautiful and stylish as any other women in say a head band, a scarf (because no one likes to be a hypocrite) a hat or if I dare say, a rosary. The list goes on! I use the word taboo quite loosely, things are changing in the fashion industry surrounding hijabs. If you go to Instagram and look at #hijabfashion , there is over 8 million tags that’s a beautiful number to start. It is amazing the amount of colors and styles that are used!

This is the cusp of not only normalizing but understanding this is fashion statement! For instance Cover Girl hired their first ever hijab wearing ambassador Nura Afia. Will you look at this gorgeous women!

The statement they are making is, being different is just as beautiful, Being unique is not something to be ashamed of but something to be proud of! Now that is a step in the right direction towards a real “fashion forward” world! Fashion started with unique styles, colors, patterns, by people who decided they weren’t afraid to be different and were confident in themselves and their own specific uniqueness. The fashion world wasn’t created so everyone could walk around being Kylie Jenner’s of the world. It was created so you can be free to be you and express yourself in a way no one else can! So the next time you’re getting dressed and your best friends says “I don’t think that’s trendy” reply with “I’m not trying to be trendy I’m being me.” Does that change your perspective?


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